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high flier

A person who has the potential for or who has achieved great success. Tim was such a high-flier in college that it's no surprise he's achieved such great success in his career.
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take a flyer

take a chance. chiefly North American
1998 Times Or we [i.e. journalists] can take a flyer: share a hunch and risk coming a cropper.
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take a flyer (on something)

tv. to take a chance on something. Fred is too wise an investor to take a flyer on some story stock like that.
See also: flyer, on, something, take

take a flyer

See also: flyer, take
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According to Amare's mom, Reesa Allee, who submitted the $10,000-winning story, the Radio Flyer wagon he received for his second birthday is the preferred method of transportation on the family's evening walks.
Company) (Nasdaq:CRDN) received a purchase order from Flyer Defense, LLC, in Inglewood, California, for a prototype lightweight ceramic-armored crew compartment for the Flyer(R) ITV (Internally Transportable Vehicle) incorporating technology specifically designed to meet the requirements of the U.
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NYSE:TNS), a leading provider of business-critical network and data communications services for transaction-oriented applications, and New York based FIXML Flyer today announced an agreement to unleash the full promise of an advanced, browser based FIX application for electronic trading with financial industry participants no matter how large or small by creating a gateway to the TNS extranet.
10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- This upgrade includes over 50 new real-estate flyer designs.
KPS Special Situations Fund announced today that it has completed the sale of its portfolio company, New Flyer Industries Ltd.