fly the nest

fly/leave the nest

to leave your parents' home for the first time in order to live somewhere else Once the kids have all flown the nest we might sell this house and move somewhere smaller.
See also: fly, nest
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PARENTS expect to have an extra PS257 to spend each month once their children finally fly the nest, a new survey has revealed.
All too soon though, the kids will fly the nest and while property owners don't typically daydream about buying a smaller home, there comes a point where it just makes sense.
Every parent lives in the hope that their child will find contentment once they fly the nest.
NO PLACE LIKE HOME 1983-86 In this sitcom, he played Nigel Crabtree, one of four children who refused to fly the nest, much to the disappointment of their parents.
I used to wear mini skirts, But now wear thermal vests, My children are all growing up, And soon will fly the nest, So, I sing along to the old songs, And memories fill my mind, Of people and places long ago, Oh so many happy times, A life well lived and very loved, I know that I've been blessed, I treasure all my photographs, Those family times were the best, I wouldn't swap with anyone, My life, so far, has been ace, And I don't care about those lines, That now live on my face.
Now the charity is urging stronger action to help the "clipped wing generation" fly the nest.
HOME bird Gorm is so used to being waited on he's reluctant to fly the nest.
The survey also found that one in 10 young people feared they could be in their late 40s or early 50s before they are able to fly the nest.
5m defender David Wheater prepared to fly the nest.
17 New homes Sisters Emma and Nikki Grant are so close they decided to fly the nest and buy flats at the same time.
YoU CoUldN't MAKe it UP A FED-UP Italian couple have sought legal help to finally force their 41-yearold son to fly the nest.
They were sad to see her fly the nest, but Chloe has been telling all her mates Sam is the one.
The vigil will run until July, when the chicks are expected to fly the nest.
According to Dubai Zoo Director Dr Reza Khan, the chicks are baby house sparrows and from their plumage turning brown, he said they look around 15 days - the age they usually try to fly the nest.
Like any mother, Hazel Monteith wants to spend time with her children, enjoying their company before they fly the nest.