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fly into something

1. . and fly in to go to something or some place by air; to arrive by air. When are you going to fly into the airport? We will fly into Detroit tomorrow.
2. to crash into something while flying. Birds sometimes fly into tall buildings.
3. to pass into something, such as fog, clouds, wind, etc., while flying. We flew into some clouds, but the flight was not rough. The plane flew into some fog as it was landing.
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Flying Antiques and Flying Foods Picnic will let you feast on a flight luncheon and watch old-time planes fly in.
We also believe the DMC will offer us more flexibility with its ability to fly in different weather conditions, as well as being suitable for large-scale photogrammetry projects.
April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Pilots from all over the Midwest will be flying to Traverse City on Saturday, April 29, for the Second Annual Spring Flapjack Fly In.
At least two launch sites will be needed for VentureStar, which Lockheed Martin hopes to fly in 2004.
Antonovich said Florida is spending $5 million on its efforts to be designated a launch site for VentureStar, a reusable spaceship that Lockheed Martin's ``Skunk Works'' plans to fly in 2004.
The fly in the ointment is that we would not have to refuse education to illegals if the INS did their job now.
For example, the top button can be set to "ctrl-alt" to change brush size on the fly in MetaCreations Painter Classic and "undo" in Microsoft Word.