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a flutter in the dovecote

A stir or mild disturbance among a certain organization or group of people, especially one that is typically quiet, reserved, or conservative in nature. Likened to domestic pigeons fluttering their wings in response to an agitation (a dovecote being a structure built to house and raise them). The unexpected entrance of an exuberant young woman caused a bit of a flutter in the dovecote at the old Men's Only club.
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flutter the dovecote

To cause a stir or mild disturbance among a certain organization or group of people, especially one that is typically quiet, reserved, or conservative in nature. Likened to domestic pigeons fluttering their wings in response to an agitation (a dovecote being a structure built to house and raise them). The exuberant young woman fluttered the dovecote of the old Men's Only club by bursting in unannounced.
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in a flutter

In a nervous, confused, or agitated state. We were all in a flutter waiting to meet the President at our school rally. The economy is still in a flutter after news that the country's largest corporation has filed for bankruptcy.
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flutter about

 and flutter around 
1. Lit. to fly about with quick, flapping motions of the wings. The moths fluttered about aimlessly. A few birds fluttered around.
2. Fig. [for someone] to move about quickly and busily. Aunt Margaret fluttered about, picking up after everyone. Stop fluttering around and sit down!
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flutter about something

 and flutter around something 
1. Lit. to fly around something or some place. The moths were fluttering about the lightbulb. The butterflies fluttered around the bright flowers.
2. Fig. to keep moving busily within a particular place. The maid fluttered about the house, dusting and arranging. She fluttered around the house from room to room.
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flutter down

[for flying or falling things] to flap or float downward. The butterflies fluttered down onto the flowers. The leaves fluttered down from the trees when the breeze blew.
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flutter over someone or something

to fly or flap above someone or something. (Also said of a person being fussy about someone or something.) The little moths fluttered over us while we were in the garden. The birds flutter over the fountain, eager for a bath.
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in a dither

confused; nervous; bothered. Mary is sort of in a dither lately. Don't get yourself in a dither.
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in a dither

Also, all of a dither; in a flutter or tizzy . In a state of tremulous agitation, as in Planning the wedding put her in a dither, or He tried to pull himself together, but he was all of a dither, or She showed up in such a flutter that our meeting was useless. The noun dither dates from the early 1800s and goes back to the Middle English verb didderen, "to tremble"; in a flutter dates from the mid-1700s; in a tizzy dates from about 1930 and is of uncertain origin.
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in a dither

mod. confused; undecided. Don’t get yourself in a dither.
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Multaq is the first drug approved in the United States that has shown a clinical benefit to reduce cardiovascular hospitalization in patients with" atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter, according to a statement from Sanofi-Aventis.
For practical applications on flutter suppressors, one must take into account the dynamics of the command line (actuator).
Complex Arrhythmias: Self Assessment--Artifacts Due to Muscle Tremors Resembling Atrial Flutter or Runaway, Artificial Pacemaker (Case 73).
Sheet flutter and resultant sheet wrinkles and breaks can limit speed or reduce efficiency.
has submitted the fourth and final module of the Premarket Approval (PMA) Application relating to the use of its Cardiac Cryoablation System for the treatment of Atrial Flutter to the FDA.
Rhythmic Breathing and Flutter Kick: Using their hands as brackets against the pool wall, the students combine the head pivot with rhythmic breathing by inhaling for 3 counts and exhaling for 3 counts.
At such moments, when the clod at the altar forgot to ring the bells, or brought the wrong cruet, or knelt there like a stone when he should have been liquiding around the altar in a flutter of surplice sleeves, I closed my eyes in shame and in memory, for my rookie year was a litany of errors too long to list, and my graduation from rookie to veteran was a source of great pride to me.
NEW YORK -- Fetal atrial flutter gets diagnosed about 2 weeks later in pregnancy than does fetal supraventricular tachycardia, but mortality rates are similar in fetuses with either polyarrhythmia, according to results of a metaanalysis.
Try practicing the back flutter kick with a helper to support your weight.
Utilizing a disc that can withstand problems of disc flutter and windage is also critically important for overall reliability.
True, there was another recent stock market flutter affecting publicly traded assisted living companies - this one relating to the investment community's concern about a pending report from the federal government's General Accounting Office (GAO).
an innovative medical device company committed to revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of irregular and complex heart rhythm disorders, today presented data that shows the AcQMap(TM) High Resolution, Imaging and Mapping System generates a complete heart chamber electrical map that provides a four-fold improvement in resolution to record and display heart tissue function as compared to the standard voltage-based mapping used in patients with atrial flutter.
In 2013, Deutsche Bank hired Naomi Flutter to head the business in Australia and New Zealand.
Costa Bingo is running its Fluffy Flutter promotion all this month, giving players the chance to win [pounds sterling]5,000 in a slots leaderboard competition and special 90 ball bingo game.