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flunk out (of something)

to leave school or a course because of failure. Fred flunked out of school and never tried to go back. That's it. All F's. I've flunked out.
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flunk someone out

to give one a grade that forces one to leave school or a course. The math professor flunked me out. He expects too much. She flunked out half the class!
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flunk out (of school)

to be forced to leave school because of failing work He had been a computer-science student before he flunked out of a California university.
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flunk out

1. Expel or be expelled from a school because one's work does not meet the required standard. For example, He flunked out of Harvard after just one year. [Slang; early 1800s]
2. Fail at anything, as in The camera ran out of film so we flunked out as photographers. [Slang; late 1800s]
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flunk out

To expel or be expelled from a school or course because of work that does not meet requirements or standards: His grade-point average was less than 2.0, so the college flunked him out. Students lacking adequate math skills will flunk out of the physics program.
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The body also didn't pay any heed to the notice sent by the NADA, which informed it about Sathya's flunk.
CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 29, 1996--When it comes to appropriate insurance coverage, most home-based businesses flunk out.
They didn't flunk the test due to a woeful lack of preparation; the test failed them.
The county and state are quite likely to flunk some of the measures, according to county sources.
A mystery girl who sees in Gideon's mind can--and she tells of a clueless boy who flunks his way into a fancy prep school in New England, only to face cute, feisty girls who vie for his attention.
AZERBAIJAN FLUNKS THE TEST (The Washington Post, Washington)
Christian Coalition Congressional Scorecard Flunks Democrats, As Pat Robertson Gears Up For Elections In '98 And Beyond
A mask that flunks with banana oil may pass with a more accurate test.