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True, Benazir Bhutto didn't drown in a bath-tub, but Zardari must have sympathized with another man whose wife's death caused unfortunate accusations to be flung around.
People hailed the government for development schemes done in the far flung areas.
The committee said, in far flung areas of Balochistan women brought water from a distance of 5 kilometers, while a water pipeline could be established in a short budget.
MANILA, Philippines The nationality of the potential third player to break the "duopoly" in the country's telecommunication industry is not a cause of concern for the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), but the country's largest business organization wants to be assured whoever is chosen will be able to significantly improve mobile and internet services, particularly in far flung areas.
And pal Faith Paine, 18, who was on the ride at the time, said: "She was flung about like a rag doll and was foaming at the mouth.
A video of a baby being flung from a mini-van has gone viral after a horrific car crash in Russia nearly took the child's life.
You can see her work in Gatehouse of Fleet when the Fling is flung open on June 2 for four days.
A YOUNG woman died in a hospital intensive care unit hours after being flung from a dune buggy on a beach.
Smooth and fling me now with what you flung before.
1 : to throw hard or without care <She flung the junk out the window.
The differences turned so bitter that Rajesh flung the bag containing the jewellery, reportedly worth Rs80,000 (Dh6,150), into a drain.
AN FA Cup loser's medal which was flung into the crowd before Cardiff City lifted the trophy in 1927 has been uncovered.
A MOTORIST who was flung yards from his car and found dead under a hedge had not been wearing a seat belt, an inquest heard yesterday.
The jockey got up and flung his whip at the horse, striking it on the hind quarters as it galloped off.
Despite his widely flung intelligence contacts, Big Ed is unaware that his daughter has returned from Europe, where, she explains, she ``got bored.