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diplomatic flu

1. A feigned claim of ill health used as a means of avoiding or absenting oneself from a political engagement of some kind. The senator's conspicuous absence from the debate was put down to the sudden contraction of a virus, but it is likely just a diplomatic flu so that he will not be forced to address recent allegations of tax fraud.
2. By extension, any claim of ill health used as an excuse to avoid an unpleasant or undesirable situation. Frustrated by her dead-end job, Janet contracted a diplomatic flu to takes some time off and reexamine her priorities.
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down with (an illness)

Sick. I've been down with the flu all week and have barely gotten out of bed.
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blue flu

1. n. an imaginary disease afflicting police officers who call in sick during a work stoppage or slowdown. (Journalistic. Occurs where strikes are illegal.) Another epidemic of the blue flu struck the city’s police officers early today.
2. n. a hangover. He was out late last night and has the blue flu.
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brown bottle flu

n. a hangover or sickness from drinking. (Probably from beer, which is often sold in brown bottles.) Wayne had a case of the brown bottle flu and didn’t make the meeting.
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When conversation about staying late at work was higher, it correlated to higher flu rates in the next week.
Getting your annual flu vaccination is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself and those you care about from the flu," Holshue said.
The shortage of vaccine has been caused by growing demand for protection following a spike in cases of flu over the last two weeks.
Getting a flu shot every year can help you stay healthy.
Questions also surround those 36,000 deaths the CDC says the flu causes each year since that number does not match other data reported by the CDC.
Compared with people who had received a placebo, those who got the spray vaccine developed flu about half as often, and those who got the injected vaccine fell ill only one-quarter as often, the researchers report in the Dec.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said 77 million doses of flu vaccine have been distributed nationwide, with a record 110 million to 115 million doses expected to be shipped this year, topping last year's supply by roughly 30 million doses.
Businesses should also investigate the options of employees working at home and consider improving sick time policy to cover eight weeks of a flu wave to leave no financial penalty for people staying at home when they're sick.
For the most part, the people who have come down with this bird flu have been in long, sustained contact with the feces and respiratory secretions of infected birds," says John El-Attrache, an avian virologist at Texas A&M University.
An avian flu pandemic would be nearly the opposite, impacting the workforce in one's own company and throughout the supply chain.
Fortunately for the traveling public, there is substantial information about Bird Flu that can be easily accessed.
Even so, a human pandemic caused by bird flu is by no means inevitable.
Birds are natural hosts to all subtypes of influenza, and serve as a constantly moving, extensive reservoir of potentially dangerous flu viruses.
Just as the flu spreads among people, so, too, does fear of what the flu can do.
As state and city governments negotiated to obtain more flu vaccine, four flu-related deaths occurred at a Queens, N.