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1. The best example or greatest representative of a group. Margaret was long considered the flower of her graduating class.
2. The best state or prime condition of something. It was in the flower of my youth that I knew I wanted to be a great writer.
3. slang The vagina, especially the labia majora and the labia minora.
4. slang An effeminate, weak, ineffectual, or cowardly man or boy. Don't be such a flower, Jimmy, stand up for yourself and fight him!
5. A term of endearment, often toward a girl or woman. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Ah, my little flower! Come here and give your auntie a kiss! Here you are, me auld flower, two tickets to the show, as promised!

flower of the flock

The best person or thing in a group. Your cupcakes are just the flower of the flock—there is no better item at the bake sale. She's the best we've got, the flower of the flock, so you should absolutely put her on this case.
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April showers bring May flowers

Poor, often rainy weather in April can prove beneficial to blooming plantlife in May. A: "Ugh, will it ever stop raining?" B: "April showers bring may flowers, at least."
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April showers bring May flowers.

Prov. Although rain in April is annoying, it starts the flowers growing. Child: I hate all this rain. Why does it have to rain? Mother: April showers bring May flowers. Although it was a dreary, rainy day, we felt cheerful, since April showers bring May flowers.
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hearts and flowers

n. sentimentality. I didn’t care for the hearts and flowers part.
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Although these are some of the most exotic lilies, they are not difficult to grow and can look the part in pots on patios, or look equally apt standing in beds to fill gaps left by early flowerers.
They look the part on terraces and patios but they are equally apt standing in beds to fill gaps left by early flowerers.
For early flowerers which do not grow so big, choose the delicate flowered M Stellata, which likes neutral to acid soil, shelter from strong winds and will accept partial shade.
THEY are stunningly profuse flowerers which thrive on neglect and are drought tolerant - so don't miss out on our hardy geraniums offer
Some top autumn flowerers are Crinum macowanii, Scilla scilloides, Cyclamen hederifolium, Amaryllis belladonna, Leucojum autumnalei, Colchicum and Nerine.
I get round the winter blues by extending the autumn season into winter and then hurrying Spring along with some really early flowerers.
Some summer flowerers, such as dahlias, will need lifting at the end of autumn and stored until next year.
The Corsican Hellebore, Helleborus argutifolius is one of the earliest flowerers, with apple green petals emerging from a cluster of pewter leaves.
In contrast, he said that later flowerers, and those requiring longer grain fill, suffered far more than most types from the very hot, dry June.
Attractive, profuse flowerers, they love most conditions and even tolerate drought.
One of the best summer flowerers for dry shade must be the hardy geranium -Johnsons Blue is a winner.
If you have any Group 3 Clematis - these are the autumn flowerers such as viticella and herbaceous varieties-now is the best time to prune them down, to the nearest leaf bud at about 8cmabove the ground.
In contrast, later flowerers have suffered badly from the very hot, dry June.
The large-flowered trailing Sensation begonias are perfect for hanging baskets and the edge of containers and are prolific flowerers.
HYDRANGEAS are some of the best shrubs for late summer but, sadly, some are not reliable flowerers in many parts of Scotland.