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flounder around

to struggle or wallow around. The whole company is just floundering around and getting nowhere. The horse floundered around, trying to get across the soggy pasture.
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flounder through something

1. Lit. to struggle through something, such as a mire, swamp, etc. The Jeep floundered through the swamp without getting stuck. The horse floundered through the muddy field.
2. Fig. to struggle awkwardly through a difficult situation. We floundered through the performance. I don't know how we did it, but we did it. We just floundered through our presentation, hoping for a lot of questions.
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flat as a pancake

Extremely level, especially too much so. For example, There are no hills; this terrain is flat as a pancake. This simile dates from the 1500s and has survived its contemporary, flat as a flounder. It is sometimes used, either disparagingly or ruefully, to describe a small-breasted woman.
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flat as a pancake

If something is as flat as a pancake, it is very flat. There was barely a breeze and the water was as flat as a pancake. Could he really put up interest rates now? With the economy flat as a pancake and the housing market in crisis?
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flat as a pancake

completely flat.
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(as) flat as a ˈpancake

(informal) completely flat: There are one or two hills in Norfolk, but otherwise the landscape is as flat as a pancake.
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The nice thing about fishing for flounder is that it's also a great way to catch redfish and speckled trout.
The US government, Flounders explained, was arming and funding "what they call a moderate opposition, they are not moderate at all, they are not moderate in any way whatsoever and forces of the ISIL terrorist group.
Miss Flounders dabbed away tears after she was asked about "other women".
Adam Johnson " Miss Flounders said: "I asked how old she was.
Just beaten was Richard Thomas whose flounder brace weighed 0.
There are 3 recent collections of Kamchatka Flounder from the Gulf of Alaska in the University of Washington Fish Collection (UW 111528, 410 mm SL, off the Sanak Islands; UW 119477, 280 mm SL, near the Shumagin Islands; and UW 112900, 560 mm SL, off the Alexander Archipelago).
A significant amount of nodularin was found in flounder liver in the Gulf of Finland, while its flesh was not found toxic (Sipia, 2001; Karlsson et al.
The nine most common commercial flounders and soles are as follows:
Using the newly-develop method, the FRA has analyzed about 3,000 released flounders caught in the Sea of Japan.
Flounders himself was baptised into the Church of England in 1817, his love of field sports and port apparently having upset the Quakers.
The experiment was a 2 x 2 randomized complete block design with and without flounders and with and without bird exclosures (2.
People may start calling quick-change artists flounders rather than chameleons, thanks to a new study on the camouflage habits of Bothus ocellatus.
Flounders from the rivers have kept match anglers happy with fish to well over 1lb taken, with a few nudging 2lb.
Stacey Flounders revealed their relationship was over when it emerged he'd cheated on her with "quite a few" women while she was carrying his child.