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flounce in (to some place)

to move into a place with exaggerated or jerky motions. A couple of teenagers flounced into the store and started examining the most expensive merchandise. They flounced in and caught the eye of the security guard.
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flounce out (of some place)

to bounce or bound out of some place. She turned up her nose and flounced out of the shop. She flounced out in anger.
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but the champions youth of Benghazi have rejected that, and they sparked a flounce that lasted for some days and reached other cities to become "The February flounce of 2006" a new station in the march of the Libyan struggle against the current regime"
MR imaging has allowed the incidental observation of a meniscal flounce with a prevalence of 0.
To that end, I am heading to the Springfield Farmers' Market tomorrow, hoping to get lucky in the flounce department.
dankszy: If you flounce in a strop from an office and there's nobody there to see or hear it, is it really a flounce in a strop?
When such garments appear at auction they usually contain ecclesiastical clues, like the tamboured alb flounce featuring the Eucharist cup that sold, with other albs, for pounds 264 in Bonhams.
I'm proud to be British because this is the only country I know where girls force themselves to flounce around in mini-skirts in a beer garden, even on a freezing, rain-spattered night.
Thom's work stood out for its flounce neckline and tailored skirt inspired by Victorian suit tails.
Boyzone are to also tour again for the first time in seven years, Take That got back together and the Spice Girls are in the middle of a world flounce.
Gone are the days when I go in for a checkup and flounce out with nothing but a scale and polish to do.
Since the Bush administration pushes - at gunpoint - democratic elections to the Middle East, including the Palestinians, it ought to gracefully accept the results of the Palestinian election it insisted on, not pick up its foreign aid and flounce home in a huff.
The skirt at left is the bottom of a sweater turned upside down, decked out in embroidery and a mohair flounce.
Take a basic shift dress to the next level by adding a yoke, flounce and sleeve trim.
Her favourite way of proving this is to wail like a banshee for food, and then flounce off as soon as it is served.