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1. To completely change one's opinion or stance. Primarily heard in US. The voters were tired of hearing the candidate flip-flop and felt they could not trust him to stick with one position. I used to hold a staunch view about the case, but then I flip-flopped after hearing the other side's testimony.
2. noun A complete change in opinion or stance. There have been several flip-flops among the candidates during the campaign, with some changing their stance more than once!
3. noun A thong sandal. Often used in the plural to refer to the pair. Don't forget your flip-flops when we go to the beach, or you'll have to walk on the hot sand barefoot!

cow chip

slang A piece of cow feces. Watch out for cow chips when walking through that field.
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do an about-face

To suddenly and completely turn or change one's direction. This phrase can describe one's physical movement or a change in concept. She did an about-face and walked back up the steps once she saw that the subway wasn't running. Based on the reactions we got from test audiences, we need to do an about-face with the movie's plot.

flop account

An Instagram account intended to facilitate discussion of a particular topic or range of topics (such as fandom, politics, or social issues), typically exclusively by teens, who often administer such accounts collaboratively. The term derives from the common practice of posting "flops," things presented for ridicule or criticism. More and more teens are turning to flop accounts to debate sensitive issues.
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cow flop

Cow feces. Watch out for cow flops when you're out by the barn.
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cow chip

 and cow pie; cow patty; cow flop
Inf. a piece of cow manure. The pioneers didn't have much wood, so they burned dried cow chips. How did that big ol' cow pie get in the middle of my flower bed? Tom slipped on a cow patty.
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flop around

[for something] to turn around awkwardly; [for a fish out of water] to squirm and flap. The hose flopped around, throwing water first this way and then that, knocking down plants as it flopped. A number of fish flopped around in the bottom of the boat.
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flop as something

to be a failure in a particular aspect of something in one's life or career. He flopped as an actor. I don't want to flop as a public speaker.
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flop down

to sit down heavily or awkwardly. Be graceful. Don't just flop down! When I reached the chair, all I could do was flop down.
See also: down, flop

flop into something

[for someone] to fall or drop into something, such as bed, a chair, a bathtub, etc. Maggie flopped into the chair and slipped off her shoes. Tom flopped into bed and fell fast asleep.
See also: flop

flop someone or something over

to turn someone or something over, awkwardly or carelessly. They flopped the unconscious man over, searching for his identification. They flopped over the injured man.
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flop something down on(to) something

 and flop something down
to drop or slap something down on something. She flopped the liver down on the cutting board. She flopped down the raw meat.
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do an about-face

Also, do a flip-flop or one-eighty . Reverse one's opinion or course of action. For example, The board did an about-face on acquiring more land, or We expected Dad to do a flip-flop concerning our vacation plans, or They had relied on Jim to vote for Harry, but he did a one-eighty and cast his vote for the incumbent . The first term, alluding to the army command to turn around, dates from the first half of the 1900s, and the variants from the second half of the 1900s (the last refers to a 180-degree change of direction).

cow flop

and cow plop
n. a mass of cow dung. Mrs. Wilson is out in the pasture gathering cow flops for her garden. When walking out on the range land, we try to avoid “cow plops,” as the wranglers call them.
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1. n. a reversal. The president denied making a flip-flop. He said he simply forgot his earlier position.
2. n. the return trip of a long journey. (see also flip side.) Didn’t we chat on the flip-flop last week?
3. in. to change direction or intensity. Jed flip-flopped twice in the evening, leaving us where we started.
4. in. to waver in one’s decisions. Well, you just flip-flop all you want. I know what I want.


1. n. a failure. The play was a flop. The entire audience left during the second act.
2. n. a place to sleep for the night; a bed in a flophouse. The old man was looking for a flop for the night.
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The object of both flipping and flopping is to create equity or a spread, which represents the investor's profit margin," Fulmer adds.
Bredemeyer adds that at a banking level, flopping is occurring due to the demands of the banking system.
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