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A breakdown of the flooded properties by the Environment Agency revealed 52% were affected by a main river, 12% by surface water and 36% by flooding from ordinary watercourses.
Also dealing with a flooded garage was Linda Maeder, 56, of Sherman Oaks, who was picking up 10 sandbags with her partner Diane Fisher.
Miles' task was made even more difficult by a car stuck in the center of the flooded road.
Firefighters and police warned residents to stay clear of flooded roads and raging storm channels.
Do not drive or walk through flooded areas, and stay away from
Even with the widespread use of the flood safety education video, ``No Way Out,'' which features the cautionary tale of Adam Bischoff's death, children still manage to get swept away, and motorists, who are unwary of the dangers posed by flooded streets and low water crossings, end up getting stranded in quickly rising floodwaters.
Over the lifetime of a 30-year mortgage, there is a 26-percent chance of being flooded by a 100-year flood," the Task Force Report states.
While Metrolink fights the lawsuit by Gary and Debbie Moss, whose home was flooded in February, officials hired Elmore Pipe Jacking of Lake View Terrace to build a $135,000 culvert in the area.
For the first time, real estate owners will have access to information that helps them more accurately assess the likelihood of their properties being flooded, thanks to NationWide Flood Research, Inc.
Without proper drainage, runoff has typically flooded Sand Canyon Road and caused some access problems, Heidt said.
On April 13, 1992 the Chicago River flooded into an abandoned tunnel system, which connected most of the older buildings in the downtown area of Chicago.
Camarillo resident Margaret Kavanagh said water flooded into into her garage, a minor annoyance compared to others on her Mardigras Court cul-de-sac.
This prevents the target host from becoming flooded by these unresolved connection attempts, which causes the operating system, and the host, stop receiving new connections.
El Nino's assault Monday on Southern California flooded Antelope Valley streets and caused scattered power outages, but all told the area fared well - a tribute, officials said, to preseason planning and millions of dollars invested in drainage improvements.