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birds of a feather flock together

People who have similar interests, ideas, or characteristics tend to seek out and/or associate with one another. I knew you and John would get along well since you both enjoy sci-fi. Birds of a feather flock together.
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flower of the flock

The best person or thing in a group. Your cupcakes are just the flower of the flock—there is no better item at the bake sale. She's the best we've got, the flower of the flock, so you should absolutely put her on this case.
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Birds of a feather flock together.

Prov. Similar people tend to associate with each other. I always thought Amy was pretentious, and now she's going out with that snobbish boy, Louis. Birds of a feather flock together. George: Why do you think Donald is dishonest? Ned: All his friends are dishonest. Birds of a feather flock together.
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flock after someone or something

to follow someone or something in a group. The children flocked after the man playing the flute. Fans flocked after the movie star as he went from his limo into the hotel.
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flock around someone or something

to crowd around someone or something. All the children will flock around the magician to see how the tricks are performed. The guests flocked around the birthday cake.
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flock in(to) (some place)

Fig. [for people] to move into some place in crowds. People were flocking into the store where everything was on sale.
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flock to someone or something

Fig. [for people] to come to someone or something in great numbers. Many people flocked to the shopping mall for the post holiday discounts. The kids flocked to the movie theater on Saturday afternoon.
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flock together

to gather together in great numbers. (*Typically said of birds and sheep.) A large number of blackbirds flocked together, making a lot of noise. Do sheep really flock together in a storm?
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birds of a feather (flock together)

Individuals of like character, taste, or background (tend to stay together), as in The members of the club had no trouble selecting their yearly outing-they're all birds of a feather . The idea of like seeks like dates from ancient Greek times, and "Birds dwell with their kind" was quoted in the apocryphal book of Ecclesiasticus. The full saying in English, Birds of a feather flock together, was first recorded in 1545.
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With the transfer printing system, a sublistatic transfer paper is laminated on the flocked fabric.
This kind of printing gives better result when compared to transfer printing, as far as the look the touch of flocked surface are concerned.
Eugene Active 20-30 Club will pick up trees today; donations, $5 for green trees, $7 flocked.
15; donations, $8 for green trees, $10 flocked tree; to schedule pickup, call 228-7055.
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The flocked profile is then passed through a heating oven to heat the adhesive to a temperature of approximately 280 [degrees] F.
Line speed on the flocked EA profiles that have been run has been slightly slower than the traditional rubber - 15 to 65 feet per minute.
The flocked profile is embedded fiber side down in a melted wax.
The flocked surface of an automotive glass channel is cycled back and forth over an automotive glass surface under a specified load.
or Bust" will pick up trees Saturday and Sunday; donations, $5 tree, $8 flocked.
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Eugene Active 20-30 Club will pick up trees Saturday and Sunday; donations, $5 for green trees, $7 flocked trees.