flock to

flock to someone or something

Fig. [for people] to come to someone or something in great numbers. Many people flocked to the shopping mall for the post holiday discounts. The kids flocked to the movie theater on Saturday afternoon.
See also: flock
References in classic literature ?
The fire from the distant part of the field had driven a single pigeon below the flock to which it belonged, and, frightened with the constant reports of the muskets, it was approaching the spot where the disputants stood, darting first from One side and then to the other, cutting the air with the swiftness of lightning, and making a noise with its wings not unlike the rushing of a bullet.
Every day Luigi led his flock to graze on the road that leads from Palestrina to Borgo; every day, at nine o'clock in the morning, the priest and the boy sat down on a bank by the wayside, and the little shepherd took his lesson out of the priest's breviary.
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When the birds on the leading edge committed, it only took seconds for the entire flock to follow.
As shearling ewes enter the pure flock, lower indexed ewes are moved to the commercial flock to improve its profitability.
We observed focal individuals for activities and randomly selected five individuals from each flock to examine position in the vegetation.
All the sheep on the farm are MV accredited and the Lleyn was selected as the ewe for the commercial flock to avoid importing disease onto the farm by buying in female replacements.
Though some gays collect on the thin, somewhat rocky beach just below the Boom, most flock to the world-class stunner just south of town between 11th and West streets.
We are a little paranoid and also have a burro in the flock to act as a guard.
He called on all the Little Flock to participate in the Three-Self Patriotic Movement.
However, no study has yet been able to demonstrate a significant role of flies captured in the houses for transmitting infection from flock to flock (5).
Rodents running between one flock and another can also spread the disease, or birds - like pigeons - that fly from one flock to another.
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We used least squares cross validation (LSCV) for each flock to calculate the optimal smoothing parameter.
ACHIEVEMENT: Over 30 years Richard Oates has refined his Texel flock to the highest standard.