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moonlight flit

A hasty nighttime departure, typically done to avoid paying money that one owes. Primarily heard in UK. I can't afford the rent this month, so we need to make a moonlight flit!
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do a moonlight flit

To depart hastily at night, typically to avoid paying money that one owes. I can't afford the rent this month, so we need to do a moonlight flit!
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flit about

to move about quickly; to dart about. A large number of hummingbirds were flitting about. Butterflies and moths flitted about among the trees and flowers.
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flit from person to person

Fig. to move quickly from person to person or thing to thing. (See also flit from something to something else.) Tom flitted quickly from person to person, handing out snacks and beverages. The singer flitted from table to table, working the crowd for tips.
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flit from (something to something else)

1. Lit. [for an insect] to fly quickly from one thing to another. The butterfly flitted from flower to flower.
2. Fig. [for someone] to go quickly from task to task, spending little time on each one. The housekeeper only flits from room to room without ever getting anything completely clean.
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do a moonlight flit

make a hurried, usually nocturnal, removal or change of abode, especially in order to avoid paying your rent. informal
Make a moonlight flitting is recorded from the early 19th century and appears to have originated in northern England or Scotland. The expression is now often shortened to do a moonlight .
See also: flit, moonlight

do a moonlight ˈflit

(British English, informal) leave the place where you have been living in quickly and secretly, usually to avoid paying your debts, rent, etc: When I called to get the money she owed me, I found she’d done a moonlight flit.
See also: flit, moonlight
References in classic literature ?
At last we got to where lanterns could be seen flitting about here and there, and knew we were in the midst of the curious old city.
And, when the whim changes, it is most easy and delightfully disconcerting to play with the respectable and cowardly bourgeois fetishes and to laugh and epigram at the flitting god-ghosts and the debaucheries and follies of wisdom.
That point was the day before the flitting when my slow methodical process of listing and labelling everything was replaced by the frantic chucking of everything remaining into anything available.
He had more contact with local people and local culture because he was on the ground, rather than just flitting in and flitting out.
Flitting among the ochre-colored florets of coral were more schools of yellow tang, as well as Moorish idols, a fish with bands of black, white and gold and a trailing dorsal streamer.
GEMINI May 21-June 20 Oh, you iridescent social butterfly, flitting and fluttering so much even Lady Bunny would wig out.
Recalling the vision-straining trickery of Andrea Gursky's photographs, eyes soon give up trying to resolve depth and perspective, flitting instead between foreground and infinity until they pause to blink.
Ritchie's recent exhibition was titled "After Lives," and the project is a Last Judgment of sorts, relying on the hallmarks of such scenes, with tortured figures flitting through landscapes both apocalyptic and harmonious.
I'd silently conjure up images of my 20-something friends picking up their frothy lattes on their way to work, flitting about in hectic office environments, and surfing the Internet first thing in the morning.
Nicknamed "the odd couple" by a fawning media, O'Neill and Bono spent nearly two weeks flitting about the World's poorest continent.
She had been too exhausted to take them inside after flitting from London.
The London Symphony Orchestra performs Tchaikovsky's score, but it's edited as heavily as the dancing; the snow scene and the Waltz of the Flowers consist of Tinkerbell-ish fairies flitting (and occasionally bourree-ing or passe-ing) around Clara, led by miniature, cherubic winged Barbies who communicate in high-pitched squeaks.
The fact that social constructivists can object to "rationality" while using the Internet and flitting to conferences hither and yon boggles the mind.
How did Cameron-Johnson manage to avoid a film that was too densely packed or flitting from one life to another?
Black Americans," Kovel writes, "were considered basically subhuman animals while Native Americans became the inhuman devils (a beast, too, though of the apocalypse) flitting through the wilderness beyond the city upon the hill; two nightmares as yet undigestible by the dominant culture, the one sedimenting into white racism, the other into anticommunism.