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After a family holiday in Cyprus last month, this week Emma and Luke were back behind the counter flipping burgers at McDonald's in Pontprennau, Cardiff.
JASPER - Laboring over a hot grill, Ken Nickel didn't mind flipping burgers on the holiday commemorating workers.
Some of the jokes score well, but you're not far into the film before you're wondering if all it will be is a series of sight gags involving the twins playing baseball or hockey, flipping burgers or taking turns hitting on women.
Then you've got those keen enough to work who are busting their arses cleaning toilets and flipping burgers for pittance.
Inside Cola Burgers, a man with a white hat that is not fuzzy is flipping burgers.
Riders David Flores, Chris McCarron, Kent Desormeaux, Gary Stevens and others will be flipping burgers for the grooms, hotwalkers, exercise riders and their families in a show of appreciation for all the effort that those workers put in.
Few high school students may be able to match either Pang's skills or luck, but the days are gone when teenagers were limited to flipping burgers or mowing lawns during summertime.
Okay, say Mom and Dad are flipping burgers for minimum wage.
His experience spans decades from flipping burgers all the way up to executive management.
This definitely beats flipping burgers for a living, I can tell you that," said Bukhari, 30.
EMMERDALE (ITV1) Ashley starts work at the Burger Bar, though not as a manager as Jude tells Turner and Edna; he's flipping burgers.
And the President responded with a barbecue grill, which will bring back memories of their session flipping burgers for guests from the Armed Forces in the Rose Garden at 10 Downing Street.
Barbecuing is one of the easiest, enjoyable and healthy ways to cook food, but most amateur chefs simply stick to grilling sausages and flipping burgers.
Shuffling down to the job centre to check out the prospects of a new career flipping burgers at McDonald's?
She ended up flipping burgers after paying a quarter of her winnings in a divorce settlement to her cheating husband.