flip lid

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flip your lid

1. (humorous) to become crazy I thought he'd finally flipped his lid when he bought that old helicopter.
2. (informal) to suddenly become very angry She'll flip her lid when she finds out what's been going on.
See flip the bird
See also: flip, lid

flip (one's) lid

1. To react strongly, as with anger or enthusiasm.
2. To go crazy.
See also: flip, lid
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Xcell has combined chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla in a new flip lid, four compartment acrylic jar.
Features splash proof, drink-thru flip lid and double wall insulation.
Aladdin's newest additions feature smart design and functionality, upgrading the user experience on products that can go everywhere, everyday including the new Flip-Seal(TM) 100% leak-proof flip lid on new insulated travel mugs to the leak proof dressing container built into the Classic Mason Salad Jar.
Score: 4/5 M Pure Orange Juice Smooth (1 litre), pounds 1 Appearance: Flip lid carton but juice looked the same as Savers.
The m130's contoured shape is easy for smaller hands to hold, while a rubberized flip lid protects it from drops and bumps.
The unit has a fashion-forward design with a flip lid for easy re-filling.
The rocker switch and scroll buttons can be used to toggle through and select messages to read using one hand and without opening the flip lid.