fling back

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fling someone or something back

1. to sling or throw someone or something backwards. I had to fling the child back, away from the fire. I flung back the door and ran out. Walt grabbed at the door and flung it back.
2. to return someone or something by slinging or throwing. She took the little fish and flung it back into the water. Did you fling back the ball to Roger?
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The candidates had become worldly-wise to the executioners in the editing booth and uttered precious few bone-crushingly idiotic comments to fling back at them.
Pamela Smith, who accused the former Chicago Bulls star of fathering her son- Grant Taj Reynolds- during a fling back in 1995, has filed new legal documents this week asking a judge to order the 50-year-old to provide fluid, hair or skin samples for genetic testing in order to help prove her claims, TMZ.
Owner Trevor Hemmings, who won the biggest handicap chase of the year at his local track with The Last Fling back in 2001, also runs Peter Marsh Chase runnerup Glasker Mill and Coe.
So get ready to fling back those theatrical curtains
After a season of hibernation, it's no wonder that when the first breath of spring arrives, we pry creaky windows open, fling back the curtains with wild abandon and swing the doors wide open to sweep out winter's accumulation of dirt and grime.
has plenty of mud he can fling back at Gore, starting with the fact that despite frenzied efforts of Democrats ranging from Clinton/Gore to the blowhard Bernard Sanders (an Independent in name only), it was Bush who helped keep a nuclear waste dump from being sited next to a poor Hispanic community in Sierra Blanca, Texas.
In one way, it was good fun to fling back the curtain upon entering, but equally, it seemed a shame to conceal this inner den from the shoppers walking up and down Bold Street.
The pair enjoyed a four-year fling back in the 1980s when Major was a Tory whip and Currie a backbencher.
The Merseyside-born media megastar will fling back the curtains at her London home to view the world afresh as one of the UK's richest-ever pensioners.