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without flinching

Without showing any signs of fear or hesitation. I'm terrified of needles, but my sister can get blood drawn without flinching.
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flinch from (someone or something)

To recoil from someone or something, often in fear. Teddy flinched from the nurse as she approached him with the needle. We all flinched from the barking dog.
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flinch from someone or something

to move back suddenly from someone or something; to shrink (back) (from someone or something) suddenly. She struck at him and he flinched from her. At the last minute the center fielder flinched from the ball.
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A major downside to muzzle brakes is that if muzzle blast is causing your flinch, a brake will not help.
It may be a conclusion you come to with a heavy heart, but if, as we suggest, it must be that conclusion, and you find that is what happened, you must not flinch from returning verdicts of guilty.
Ostensibly the crime noir tale of a serial killer who selects six victims at random, leaving no clues or pattern for profilers to follow, Flinch is more a story of rivalry between brothers.
It's not often that one gets a chance to go back over her/his published essays, look at them again, flinch, and revise them, or a group of them, in ways that look beyond the essays themselves to a larger discourse.
Squeezing the trigger on your release aid is the key to ensuring that you do not anticipate the shot and flinch.
79, it arrived so quickly that some residents didn't even have time to flinch.
Council member Laura Miller, who is Jewish, told The Dallas Morning News, "Every week that I've been there, we talk about Jesus Christ, and I flinch.
But Andi didn't flinch an inch - and now his new pals are convinced he can tough it out in the blood-and-guts Premiership.
We know that Guy Flinch is The Man Of The Hour when it comes to floods, but now we'll all find out if Guv Flinch goes both ways.
When those pressure kicks are on or when he's going for that extra 10 yards, he doesn't flinch at all.
5 in the state entering Saturday's game, didn't flinch in the opening 24 minutes, despite dealing with numerous injuries to several starters.
Veteran New York Times investigative journalist Seymour Hersch did not flinch from accusing America of "war crimes" in his recent book, Chain of Command: The Road from 9/11 to Abu Graib.
Believe me, it's a lot easier to prevent a flinch than to cure one.
Taken singly, every detail of Cook's canvases recalls something in the work of one of her contemporaries or recent precursors: Kevin Appel's weightless architectural geometry; Inka Essenhigh's dispersed composition; John Wesley--style comic-book eroticism; a Rymanesque play with signature and date as formal elements; '8os-style commodity discourse; and, sometimes, bravado-filled titles Julian Schnabel wouldn't flinch at.