flick with

flick something with something

to brush or knock something with something quickly or lightly. She flicked her finger at the fly that had lighted nearby. Tom flicked the vase with his sleeve and knocked it over.
See also: flick
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Once you've created your basic flick with the angled liner, it's easy to go back and extend or thicken it with the pointy end of the nib - it's super precise.
The SRS has already sent a letter to Flick with the request for him to submit his income declaration.
Hugh, who plays Wolverine in the upcoming flick, has also produced the flick with wife Deboraa-Lee-Furness and pal John Palermo.
Jet Li goes on the attack in ``Unleashed,'' an action flick with an original, if unusual, premise: The hero was raised as a canine.
The prospect of the two Libyans suspected of planting the bomb finally being brought to trial in Scotland does not fill Mrs Flick with optimism.