flex muscles

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flex your/its muscles

to act in a way that shows power or strength This very poor nation is beginning to flex its muscles as an important producer of coffee. Conservatives are flexing their muscles in local elections this fall.
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flex your muscles

to use or increase your influence or power He was a very successful movie actor, but he's decided to flex his muscles on the stage for a while.
Usage notes: sometimes used with an adjective to show a particular kind of influence or power: The attorney general is flexing his legal muscles to enforce gun control laws.
Etymology: from the literal meaning of flex your muscles (to tighten your muscles)
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flex your muscles

if a person or an organization flexes their muscles, they take some action to let people know how powerful they are The latest bomb scare was just the terrorists flexing their muscles - showing us they haven't gone away.
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flex (one's) muscles

To exhibit or show off one's strength.
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Brody imposes himself physically, losing his shirt to flex muscles in the climactic showdown, but like his co-stars, he sweats and snarls profusely in a thankless two-dimensional role.
KEVIN PIETERSEN, Andrew Flintoff and the rest of the England big-hitters are no doubt looking forward to tonight's first chance to flex muscles and brandish blades in anticipation of next Saturday's Stanford 2020 EUR20m winner-takes-all showdown with the Superstars.
The Dragons are still chucking away hard-earned leads, the Cardiff Blues cannot deliver on the hype, the Scarlets can still run their way down an escape route, and the Ospreys flex muscles the rest can only dream about.
Sakoba's dancers shout, stamp, flex muscles and roll their eyes.
Glam superspies (Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Lui) flash the flesh and flex muscles in sequel without a plot.
The Miami youngster must flex muscles in her back and chest to operate the joints.