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flee from someone or something

to run away from someone or something. The robber fled from the scene of the crime. The children fled from the wrath of the old man.
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flee to something

to escape to something or some place. We fled to our little place on the coast. They never found us. The little mouse fled to its hole in the wall when the cat came around.
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Marilyn Fleer es Profesora Asociada en Educacion financiada por la Universidad de Canberra.
com and the cards issued by Fleer, Upper Deck, Panini, and Helmar.
Drawing on Vygotsky (1934/1999), Fleer (2009a) argues that children develop important intuitive understandings from just being in and exploring the world, but that these understandings are not sufficient for them to be able to generalize their experiences between different contexts, nor to understand the scientific perspectives behind these everyday understandings (Fleer, 2009a).
Julia turned her head just enough to see that Len had stomped away from the other dads and was standing now at the end of the row with his big chin planted on his fist, glaring across the field in the direction of Coach Fleer.
The Fleer Chewing Gum Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Broad and Tioga Streets, makers of Double Bubble chewing gum, paid major league baseball players a total of one hundred dollars to use their pictures, and paid that same amount to Willie Mays or Ray Narleski, although the Topps Company of Brooklyn, New York, had exclusive contracts to all its major league players.
Fleer Trading Cards/Fleer Collectibles, Roger Graff, President/CEO, 856-231-6200, rgrass@fleer.
It has the largest fleer of "Belle Epoque" vessels in the world, in terms of passenger capacity.
De hecho, la posicion mas clara a este respecto la presenta Peter Fleer, uno de los autores consignados en el volumen, al decir que "no es la critica postmoderna la que empuja a la historia hacia la antropologia, sino el mero hecho de que la antropologia misma haya llegado a ser mas historizada durante las ultimas decadas.
Fleer, 1995) was also used to examine measurement equivalence across groups.
The Harrods owner alleges Beverly Hills lawyer Mr Keith Fleer and three associates - Oswald LeWinter, Mr Pat McMillan and Mr George Williamson - forged documents purporting to be secret files from the CIA and MI6.
It took a sting operation by police across the world to foil the scheme by lawyer Keith Fleer and three associates, Oswald LeWinter, Pat McMillan and George Williamson.
The gang - California lawyer Keith Fleer, and three associates, Oswald LeWinter, Pat McMillan, and George Williamson - claimed they had secret documents showing MI6 killed Diana because she was expecting Dodi's baby.
Langiulli writes an interesting and fleer new introduction to this 25-year-old collection.
Cloud 9 Interactive is also teaming up with Fleer and Marvel to sponsor a national contest in which the winner will have the opportunity to create a comic book.
This is not just an abstraction of the landscape forms of the valley fleer but a sitting area when there is a concert on the platform and a stage for performances that can be viewed from the deck.