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flee from someone or something

to run away from someone or something. The robber fled from the scene of the crime. The children fled from the wrath of the old man.
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flee to something

to escape to something or some place. We fled to our little place on the coast. They never found us. The little mouse fled to its hole in the wall when the cat came around.
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Third, no stigma is attached to fleeing a confrontation if the one who flees is a woman.
South Sudanese refugees fleeing violence in their home country wait to be transported to Uganda's Arua district settlement camp on 6 January 2014 (Photo: AFP/Isaac Kasamani)
The Iraqis shown in the emotional video were reportedly fleeing Fallujah amid increased fighting between Daesh (also known as Islamic State) and Iraqi government forces, is aided by Iranian-funded militias.
No other country recorded more than five fleeing into exile in the 12 months from June 1, 2009 through May 31, 2010.
Others are fleeing north toward the Saudi border and to other parts in Yemen, Mahecic said.
Summary: Tamil Tiger rebels have shot 19 people and injured 69 others fleeing Sri Lanka's war zone.
Sheriff Lee Baca held those handcuffs up Tuesday as he and the Los Angeles County district attorney announced that Jorge Arroyo Garcia, the man suspected of killing March in 2002 before fleeing to Mexico, had successfully been extradited and was on United States soil early Tuesday.
He arrived at his business, Tessner's Garage, in time to see two people fleeing the scene.
People started fleeing the areas occupied by the rebels.
Fleeing for Freedom: Stories of the Underground Railroad As Told by Levi Coffin and William Still Edited by George and Willene Hendrick, Ivan R.
What would they recommend as a better way to have kept East Germans from fleeing to the West?
The impact of conflict on asylum claims in the UK is outlined in Fleeing the Fighting: How conflict drives the search for asylum, a report released today to mark the start of Refugee Week.
During the pursuit, the suspect's vehicle collided with another vehicle and, putting his car in reverse, the man then hit a Citrus County cruiser before exiting his vehicle and fleeing on foot.
TROOPS and Ba'ath Party members are attempting to flee Baghdad by disguising themselves in large crowds of fleeing Iraqi civilians.
According to Lee, the refugees have no other choice but to seek asylum in a country other than China given Beijing's crackdown on people fleeing the North.