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flee from someone or something

to run away from someone or something. The robber fled from the scene of the crime. The children fled from the wrath of the old man.
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flee to something

to escape to something or some place. We fled to our little place on the coast. They never found us. The little mouse fled to its hole in the wall when the cat came around.
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References in classic literature ?
As it was I hastened on toward the right searching for an exit toward which no Sagoths were fleeing, and at last I found it--a low, narrow aperture leading into a dark corridor.
Then," he continued, "as I was returning to my peo-ple I met some of them fleeing.
Listen, and you shall hear Sheeta fleeing before me.
He read only fear and panic from the sounds, deduced that the village was fleeing to its mountain fastnesses, but did not know the cause of the flight.
It was impossible for him to count more than five, although he knew the fleeing population numbered many times more than five.
All that they saw of him was his bushy tail and fleeing hind legs--a view far less ferocious and intimidating than his bristling mane and gleaming fangs.
Five minutes later the landscape was covered with fleeing boys, many of whom dripped blood upon the snow in token that White Fang's teeth had not been idle.
HE had followed the trail of his fleeing people for eleven days, and his pursuit had been in itself a flight; for behind him he knew full well were the dreaded Russians, toiling through the swampy lowlands and over the steep divides, bent on no less than the extermination of all his people.
It was in the old days of the Russian occupancy of Alaska, when the nineteenth century had run but half its course, that Negore fled after his fleeing tribe and came upon it this summer night by the head waters of the Pee-lat.
Tarzan fairly flew through the trees until he had come abreast of the fleeing animal and then had passed him.
The warrior screamed, and as he screamed, the sinuous trunk encircled him, lifted him high above the ground, and hurled him far after the fleeing crowd.
The diplomat had made a visit to a kindergarten for children of fleeing families to learn about their living conditions and provide them with the aid they need.
The UNHCR and other aid agencies say increasing numbers of refugees arriving in Syria's neighboring states are exhausted and scared, with some having spent a year or more fleeing from village to village inside Syria.
Residents of Qara Qosh, east of the militant-held city of Mosul in Nineveh province, left in a rush and had little time to take their possessions, with most fleeing to the Kurdish regional capital Arbil, the UNHCR said.
Security sources report some Shebab members are fleeing to mountains in northern Somalia's Puntland region, but some foreign fighters may seek to cross to Yemen, or flee southwards into neighbouring Ethiopia and Kenya.