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flavor of the week

Something temporary. The phrase is often used to describe fleeting romantic relationships. I wouldn't get too attached to Katie, she's just Ralph's flavor of the week—they'll break up in no time. You change majors all the time, and Biology is just the flavor of the week, trust me!
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flavor food with something

to season a food with something. He flavors his gravy with a little sage. Can you flavor the soup with a little less pepper next time?
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flavor of the month

suddenly but temporarily popular This rap artist is pop music's current flavor of the month.
Etymology: based on the custom of selling a different special flavor of ice cream (frozen sweet food) every month
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the flavour of the month

  (British & Australian) also the flavor of the month (American & Australian)
someone or something that has suddenly become very popular, but may not remain popular for long Role-playing games are suddenly the flavour of the month.
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