flattery will get you nowhere

flattery will get you nowhere

Flattery does not work. The phrase is used to discourage one's efforts to win favor or good fortune through flattery. A: "I just love your new haircut, Mrs. Jones." B: "Flattery will get you nowhere, Jimmy—you're still getting a D in my class."
See also: flattery, get, nowhere, will

Flattery will get you nowhere.

Flattering me will not increase your chances of success. A: Gee, you can do almost anything, can't you? B: Probably, but flattery will get you nowhere.
See also: flattery, get, nowhere, will

flattery will get you ˈeverywhere/ˈnowhere

(spoken, humorous) praise that is not sincere will/will not get you what you want: Just remember — flattery will get you nowhere. There’s no point in trying to be nice to me so that I’ll give you what you want.
References in classic literature ?
The more they kept to their village, the bolder grew the wild things that gambolled and bellowed on the grazing-grounds by the Waingunga.
He gambolled in wildly and behind him twenty others perhaps, mostly Pierrots and Pierrettes holding each other by the hand and winding in and out between the chairs and tables: eyes shining in the holes of cardboard faces, breasts panting; but all preserving a mysterious silence.
Some few of the late company who had gambolled in the tower, remained there, spinning over and over a little longer; but these became at every turn more faint, and few, and feeble, and soon went the way of the rest.
He never played and gambolled about with the other puppies of the camp.
They still piled the brushwood round the base of the tower, and gambolled hand in hand around the blaze, screaming out the doggerel lines which had long been the watchword of the Jacquerie:
Bare-legged boys flirted sweetly with ragged maidens, slept on stone steps, gambolled with dogs.