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flatten someone or something out

to make someone or something flat. If you fall under the steamroller, it will flatten you out. Flatten out that dough a little more. Please flatten it out.
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flatten out

1. To become completely flat: The graph indicated that sales were strong in July but that they flattened out in August.
2. To make something completely flat: I flattened out the crumpled paper and wrote on it. The iron flattened the wrinkly fabric out.
3. To knock someone to the ground: The boxer flattened out his opponent. The bicyclist flattened the pedestrian out.
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tv. to knock someone down with a blow. Shorty flattened the kid with a jab to the nose.
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This clever slip shaves pounds off your thighs and flattens your tummy, too.
In response to electric signals, each microrobot leans forward, flattens itself against the surface, and then drags its narrow foot a short distance, typically about 30 nm.
The unofficial pancake comes when a lineman flattens a defender, taking him out of the play and leaving him on his back.
Muscle action flattens the foot into a spatula and then curves the edges toward one another to form a hollow cylinder.
Myopia, (shortsightedness), is caused by the eyeball lengthening, and the weight of sandbags temporarily flattens the eye, restoring normal vision.
Wear a control body under a figure-hugging pencil skirt to smooth thighs and flatten the tummy.
The firm control panels help to flatten your tummy and smooth the hips and bottom for all-over shaping.
The shaping panels flatten and sculpt the waist whilst smoothing hips and thighs.
Enforcing a new city law that allows for the destruction of vehicles seized in street races, Bratton and Hahn gave the OK for a junkyard employee to flatten the Camaro with a 4-ton steel plate.