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flatten someone or something out

to make someone or something flat. If you fall under the steamroller, it will flatten you out. Flatten out that dough a little more. Please flatten it out.
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flatten out

1. To become completely flat: The graph indicated that sales were strong in July but that they flattened out in August.
2. To make something completely flat: I flattened out the crumpled paper and wrote on it. The iron flattened the wrinkly fabric out.
3. To knock someone to the ground: The boxer flattened out his opponent. The bicyclist flattened the pedestrian out.
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tv. to knock someone down with a blow. Shorty flattened the kid with a jab to the nose.
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Their slight weight flattens the cornea without permanently destroying tissue.
Hundreds of thousands of Americans have sought radial keratotomy, in which surgeons slice the cornea with a knife, or surgery with a laser that shaves the cornea to flatten it.
Tightening the bolt partially flattens the washer's bumps, giving an indication of the amount of tension created.
Workers have been known to flatten the bumps on a tension washer with a hammer or file to make a bolt easier to tighten.
If a city tree falls and flattens a parked car on a Tarzana street while the owner is at work, does a city maintenance crew cleaning up the mess leave a note explaining what happened?
Designed to smooth and flatten and will not show under clothes.
In the air, they flatten their bodies and curve into an "S.
Enforcing a new city law that allows for the destruction of vehicles seized in street races, Bratton and Hahn gave the OK for a junkyard employee to flatten the Camaro with a 4-ton steel plate.
Wear a control body under a figure-hugging pencil skirt to smooth thighs and flatten the tummy.