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flatten someone or something out

to make someone or something flat. If you fall under the steamroller, it will flatten you out. Flatten out that dough a little more. Please flatten it out.
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flatten out

1. To become completely flat: The graph indicated that sales were strong in July but that they flattened out in August.
2. To make something completely flat: I flattened out the crumpled paper and wrote on it. The iron flattened the wrinkly fabric out.
3. To knock someone to the ground: The boxer flattened out his opponent. The bicyclist flattened the pedestrian out.
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tv. to knock someone down with a blow. Shorty flattened the kid with a jab to the nose.
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In the second beaker place one GREEN flattened puffin in 200 ml of water and stir.
If a fertilized egg has been flattened to a flattening degree of less than 0.
Beijing: Villagers in central China who secretly rebuilt tombs after they were flattened by officials to provide more farmland are being forced to pull them down again, domestic media reported Thursday.
There is a new Flattening Parameter File editing tool for adjusting specific aspects of the flattened formes, plus some additional fine controls to change the shape of the flattening.
The sun should be slightly flattened because it has no solid surface
The Sun rotates every 28 days, and because it doesn't have a solid surface, it should be slightly flattened.
The line consists of pendants, cufflinks and keychains with a flattened bullet as the centerpiece.
The more the yield curve is suddenly flattened as a result of unexpected capital inflows or moves by the central bank, the more America's large banks could suddenly see their profitability decline with the potential for a drop in lending.
If the tear-out is still there after the side is flat, let it go and send that side through the planer after the other side has been flattened.
Summary: Hanyuan, Sichuan, July 27, 2010, SPA -- Twenty-one villagers are missing after a landslide flattened a village in southwest China&'s Sichuan Province Tuesday morning, the latest in a series of rain-triggered disasters across the country.
Wednesday, two days later a car detonates and bodies flattened under
The geometry of a flattened tube compared with the traditional round-tube heat exchanger allows for improved heat transfer and thermal performance, increased coil and overall unit efficiencies, substantial refrigerant charge reduction, and compact and reduced coil size.