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Flambeau's semi-official flat was on the ground floor, and presented in every way a marked contrast to the American machinery and cold hotel-like luxury of the flat of the Silent Service.
and, plunging into the flat, had explored, every corner and cupboard of it in five minutes.
The doctor don't want I should be left without anybody to do for me," she said in her flat whine.
Instead of going downstairs, Raffles led me up two flights, and so out upon a perfectly flat roof.
But I held my tongue until we had regained the flat in the cautious manner of our exit, and even there until Raffles rallied me with a hand on either shoulder and an old smile upon his face.
The flat drifted under the bridge and then promptly sank in midstream.
The flat began to leak and I climbed out on the pile.
We've gone and lost your father's flat, Diana, and I have a presentiment that we'll not be allowed to row on the pond any more.
He impounded the dispersing Butteridge plans with one comprehensive sweep of his arm, rescuing them even from the expository finger-marks of the man with the flat voice, and handed them to Bert.
He took Rs 5,60,000 for the said two flats and later I was told that the said flats were not corner flats and denied to accept more installments.
THE 25,000- odd winners of flats on offer by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) this year must have felt on top of the world when their names were picked from among lakhs of applicants.
Thus, we need to add three flats (the key of the instrument), which results in one remaining flat--the key we need to play in is F.
Here is a large gallery at first floor level that acts as access to the upper flats and which is hoped to provide a social space for all users.
Remediation at the Flats, a highly contaminated Superfund site, is also moving forward dramatically under budget.