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Pasternack is also releasing an L-band driver amplifier that displays solid gain performance of 47 dB while delivering competitive gain flatness of 1.
In addition to variations in measurements, floor flatness changes with time, due to a process called curling, which makes it impossible to predict slab flatness upon floor covering installation.
This study determines the flatness of a light guide plate using a three-dimensional coordinate measurement machine (CMM; CE-607; Chien Wei, England).
Key words: flatness, CMM, measurements, quality, methods
If you engage in research about any geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) standard, you'll learn very quickly that flatness is not a characteristic referenced to a datum.
Play Pause, too, asserts a flatness with a surprising elasticity: For one thing, despite its schematic two-dimensionality, it conjures a genuine sensuality.
Judging manifold flatness and seal-area hobbing or pitting is usually influenced by how the nozzles seal against the manifold.
Traditionally, engineers have measured the flatness of the sealing surfaces by connecting a run-out gauge to the sealing surface and performing a radial trace.
for a complex diesel engine oil filter housing, which was a new design, incorporating multiple functions in a near-net shape part that maintained flatness within 0.
A non-contact machine that can measure flatness, porosity, and the size and location of holes, and check for defects all within 60 seconds.
The gauge is used to measure kingpin length, wear, straightness and flatness of the bolster plate.
Soothing in its flatness and in calm applications of gray and white paint, it was done at exactly the same time that so many art rebels were challenging the primacy of painting.
The flatness of the media is especially critical for 16X recording because it minimizes the errors that can occur during high-speed recording," explained Tim Clatterbuck, Verbatim's Optical Storage Marketing Manager.
Pinpoint Laser Systems has introduced a new and improved flatness measuring and aligmnent kit.
At the Army and Air Force's primary metrology laboratories, two other units are being used to measure the ac gain flatness of state-of-the-art commercial ac voltmeters and calibrators at frequencies up to 30 MHz.