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We flatly reject the investors' notion that it is 'virtually impossible' for the conditions to the investors' obligations to be fulfilled.
Asked for a cutoff time to make the decision, Jackson said, flatly, ``7:30.
While Gober fills the second room at Marks with Shaver's 1975-77 photos, flatly depicting found children's clothing, primarily T-shirts emblazoned with labels and slogans like "Stinker," photos that are both conceptually witty and visually engaging, the work on view in Shaver's semi-retrospective at Curt Marcus is uneven.
Amalgamated Transit Union President Neil Silver said Monday that if workers turn down the offer, the MTA should reconsider submitting the stalemate to binding arbitration - something the MTA has flatly refused to do.
In flatly rendered configurations of humanoids, animal creatures, plant life, and pottery positioned atop basically monochromatic grounds, the thirteen small-scale, brightly colored canvases in Todd McKie's recent show, all but one painted in synthetic vinyl, merge liberal borrowings from the history of art with apparently simple quasi-abstract biomorphic forms.
Nearly five years ago, with the passage of Proposition 209, Californians flatly rejected group representation and demanded individual recognition based on personal merit," said PLF attorney Anthony Caso, who argued the case before the court this afternoon.
The band stepped out of its own footsteps long enough to dedicate a rendition of ``Don't Do Me Like That'' to a sound tech on his last night with the band before departing for Tom Petty's crew - a sweet gesture, but one flatly expressed - perhaps a thank-you card would have been a better idea musically.
Scholz has in particular been influenced by the work of those American abstractionists who banished spatial illusion from the picture plane by applying color directly and flatly to the painting surface, with the aim of achieving a timeless absolute that would render all further paintings superfluous.
Boeken's claim that he did not have sufficient information on which to base his decisions about smoking, in addition to its inherent incredibility, is flatly without legal merit.
In a nutshell: Adam Sandler should stick to his music career: The songs in this flatly animated Hanukkah tale are about the only examples of wit and storytelling skill.
She renders them so flatly that they're no more substantial than stick figures.
Neil Flanzraich, president and vice chairman of IVAX, stated, "This is exactly the same claim that was turned down flatly by the federal district court for Washington, D.
President Andrew Johnson, Lincoln's successor, flatly declared, ``This is a country for white men.
AMEX: EZR) has flatly denied as "patently false and irresponsible" claims made Tuesday in a news release by Palisades Holdings Inc.