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But he made amends when he sprinted through a flat-footed Walsall defence to meet Ratcliffe's cunning lob before coolly stroking the ball wide of Walker.
They are flat-footed,'' said Jason Cook, a ``Days of Our Lives'' actor and midfielder for the Conejo Valley United Soccer Club.
Orr netted with an attempted cross from the right which caught goalkeeper Steve Collis flat-footed and McCammon headed the second eight minutes later after Luke Wilk-shire's free-kick had been deflected into his path.
Newcomer Carl Connolly nearly put Prescot ahead in the 25th minute when he left Frickley keeper Mark Shackleton flat-footed with a chip that came back off the bar.
Kate's flat-footed stomping and sulking contrasted with Petruchio's wide-legged stance and determined pirouettes.
By emphasizing this action, the hurdler will avoid dropping (lowering) the center of gravity and/or becoming more flat-footed.
The sum total of these efforts was precise ly a "concept show," but beyond the occasional knowing chuckle that Spence's flat-footed delivery might have prompted, this tautological and reflexive punch line was largely lost on his art-school audience.
I told Tony to sit handy if there was no gallop and go for it turning for home, and he caught them flat-footed.
From a line-out, stand-off King was held but he slipped an inside pass to centre Mark Denney, who outpaced the flat-footed home defence to the try-line.
Brentford secured their late point when a free-kick from Evans found its way through a sea of players and Ingamasson applied the slightest of touches to leave Welch flat-footed.
Even some big institutional investors were caught flat-footed by the margin trap.
Now my right foot has a "slap" to it when I try to run, as if I were running flat-footed.
Niven kept Alpine Panther up to his work and despite landing flat-footed over the last, he still managed to hold off the fast-finishing hat-trick seeking Flying Gunner by half a length.
And, as a result, cankles, chubby calves and a deeply unattractive flat-footed shuffle.
pharmaceutical industry could be caught flat-footed.