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flap (one's) jaws

To talk in a meaningless, aimless, or idle manner. Jim always starts flapping his jaws after he's had a couple of drinks.
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flap (one's) chops

To chatter or blather. Quit flapping your chops—I need some quiet so I can think! Whenever Charlie starts to flap his chops, I can't get in a word!
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flap (one's) gums

To chatter or blather. Quit flapping your gums—I need some quiet so I can think! Whenever Charlie starts to flap his gums, I can't get in a word!
See also: flap, gum

in a flap

In a panic or frenzy. Mom, I'll help you with getting dinner ready for the party, OK? So don't get in a flap about it—everything will be fine.
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ears are flapping

Said when one suspects that a private conversation is being listened to. If ears are flapping now, we should postpone this discussion until a later time, don't you think?
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flap around

[for a sheet of something] to blow, flop, or slap around, perhaps in the wind. The sails flapped around, making a lot of noise. The awning flapped around during the night.
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flap one's gums

 and flap one's jaws
Rur. to talk aimlessly. They're still out on the porch, flapping their gums. Well, I can't sit here flapping my jaws all day. Gotta get back to work.
See also: flap, gum

flap your gums

If someone flaps their gums, they talk a lot without saying anything important. Who wants to hear you flapping your gums first thing in the morning?
See also: flap, gum

someone's ears are flapping

someone is listening intently in order to overhear something not intended for them. informal
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his, her, etc. ˈears are flapping

(British English, informal) a person is trying to listen to somebody else’s conversation: I think you’d better tell me later when we’re alone — ears are flapping here.
Flap here means to move quickly backwards and forwards.
See also: ear, flap

be in/get into a ˈflap

(informal) be in/get into a state of worry or excitement: Julia’s getting into a real flap about her exams. OPPOSITE: (as) cool as a cucumber
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n. an argument; a minor scandal. I’m sorry about that flap we had yesterday, but it was all your fault.
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The purpose of this study was to assess whether administration of an NO donor through transdermal delivery would augment local skin flap survival.
A related phosphodiesterase inhibitor, amrinone (6) increased free flap blood flow in a small group of patients when administered intravenously and decreased vasospasm when applied topically.
The burglars have been stealing keys and other valuables by reaching through the cat flaps and taking items left by the back door.
CONTACT: Michael Mesure, Executive Director, FLAP, Tel: (416) 366-3527, flap@flap.
Attach the new flap with aluminum rivets, NSN 5320-00754-0822, and washers, NSN 5310-00-762-5981.
Hoffman and his colleagues performed flap procedures on 27 women with severe prolapse.
It is important to note that the TRAM flap operation can be done only once.
Serious complications with LASIK occur less than 5% of the time, and usually involve damage to the corneal flap or failure for it to seat properly.
The "flag flap," as it came to be known, began in June 1998 when John Miller, then chairman of the board of selectmen, ordered Garry John and David Mills, owners of the Admiral's inn, to take down the rainbow flag that was flying from their front porch.
Glue a flap from circle 3 onto an open flap from circle 2.
Birds flap their wings, while elephants flap their giant ears, which contain many blood vessels.
Located in the Great Nave of the Ferry Building, the flap sign will be unveiled in a presentation at the Imperial Tea Court in the San Francisco Ferry Building at 2 p.
The purchase order takes the total cumulative order to 67 wing flap sets, and consists of part of Quickstep's overarching US $75 million memorandum of agreement (MOA) to produce wing flaps for the Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules aircraft.
I selected 30 degrees, but soon noticed that the flap indicator still showed 20 degrees (the required flap position for wing folding in the Hawkeye).