flake away

flake away (from something)

[for bits of something] to break away from the whole gradually or from natural causes. Bits of stone flaked away from the surface of the statue year after year. Bits of the steps flaked away from years of constant use.
See also: away, flake
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Ceramic and terra cotta planters absorb moisture and when temperatures fall below freezing, the moisture will expand and, with nowhere to go but out, the exterior of the planters will begin to spall; that is, chip or flake away.
subsurface-initiated fatigue, where microcracks are generated below the surface of the raceway--which, when they spread to the surface, cause material to flake away (or spall).
Additionally, paint and other coatings such as zinc tend to flake away, necessitating costly rework.
If water lodges in the winter, it will freeze, thereby expanding, and I see a scenario where they begin to flake away.
Split But anger over the new, big-budget flop has prompted Cadbury to move the multimillion-pound budget for Flake away from their longstanding advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi.
com perfect presents For the best value beauty gifts around, head to Boots, where you'll find a huge range of packages from Soap & Glory, like this Big Softie Jumbo Holdall, containing Righteous Body Butter, Hand Food, Flake Away body scrub, Heel Genius and Scrub Gloves, all for pounds 30
It's not like a ligament is going to go or a piece of cartilage flake away.
The tombstone is now beginning to flake away, and is to be restored as part of an extensive plan of repairs at the church.
But now the tombstone, which is beginning to flake away, is to be restored as part of extensive repair works at the church.
The secret is in the product's salicylic acid which loosens the intracellular 'cement' holding hardened skin together allowing it to flake away.
I continued to flake away at the stubborn wood and eventually produced a crude but serviceable plug.
Wood windows with a natural finish on the inside look great when they're new, but moisture, temperature swings and harsh sunlight eventually make the varnish fade and flake away, especially along the bottom of the window sash and on the sill.
Streaks of new color slid down across the bathtub ring in places, and the grey veneer on the walls had started to flake away.