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have a flair for something

to have a talent for doing something; to have a special ability in some area. Alice has quite a flair for designing. I have a flair for fixing clocks.
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Bogdan has been competing in Flair competitions for a number of years and wants to make Madonna's the first Flair nightclub in Ireland.
But their backline has that typical flair, which is synonymous with French rugby.
Flair differentiates itself on customer service excellence through world-class contact centre
4 -- color) no caption (book: ''Napkins With a Twist: Fabulous Folds With Flair for Every Occassion'')
Specifically, I'm referring to teaching your staff the secrets of flair bartending, a time-proven means of wowing guests, building repeat business and driving sales to new heights.
Sutton United FC announced the link-up with Flair Plastic Products - a local supplier of conservatories and windows.
Written with a thoroughly "kid friendly" flair by Tzivia Adler and enhanced with the artwork of ito Esther Perez, The Sefer Torah Parade is the story of a young Jewish girl who observes the celebratory parade commemorating the completion of a new Torah scroll and its placement in its home in the shul.
The Berry-Birds combines author and artist Barry Temple's storytelling originality with his wife Glenda's flair for poetry.
So you and your bud won't be late to classes, you'll need flair for your wrists.
The celebrity-loved brand Tsubi, which is renowned for its wild flair and twist on denim, will add to the roster of fashion forward stores in the ever-growing area just north of Little Italy.
It quickly and easily integrates quality images into mapping software applications such as FLAIR.
A founding member of the Cardinal Golf and Country Club in Greensboro, North Carolina, Shep Huntley is a 72 year-old golfing enthusiast with a unique flair for creating golf-oriented limerick poetry that will have special appeal for anyone who has ever held a long handled club to a little white ball.
Both teams have got flair and strength but sometimes people put a label on a team and say that Celtic are more physical than Rangers who are more technical.