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The flagpole is equipped with an automatic hoisting system, advanced cameras, a system for measuring wind speed and a lighting system for important occasions.
Key engineered components of the flagpole include a rotating truck slew bearing assembly at its top, and three pendulum-type tuned mass dampers within the pole to suppress the first three modes of cross-wind oscillations.
A warning lighting system for aircrafts and a system for absorbing the vibrations caused by wind speed were also installed, in addition to the adoption of an integrated lighting system for the flagpole, especially during national events.
The proposed flagpole will replace the current 120-metre flagpole at the Union House, which bears the country's second largest flag.
The flagpoles will be inaugurated in a special ceremony to be held at the same time in the three cities where the celebrations will begin with the national anthem, followed by the oath of loyalty, and then the flag-raising ceremony, accompanied by a musical performance by the military musical band of Sharjah Police.
Eventually, he decided on the flagpole at the Senior Center.
The flagpole in the cricket pitch was over thirty feet high
Something tells me the men and women who fought and won a long and brutal war would advise the HSE exactly where to stick its flagpole.
PALMDALE - Kicking off a monthlong series of events to honor Vietnam veterans, a flagpole was dedicated on the grounds outside the Palmdale Playhouse.
Legion cook Rod James discovered the theft yesterday morning when he spotted a flagpole on the pavement in Vaughan Street near the branch entrance.
DISABLED John Gordon has been ordered to remove a flagpole he put up to honour Scots troops in Iraq.
A YOUTH hit a man over the head with a flagpole and punched another, after they pursued him wrongly believing he had stolen a mobile phone.
Town-hall staff in Glynneath hoisted the flag from the official flagpole when the Queen's Mother's death was announced but on the eve of her funeral the mayor, Lindis Pritchard, ordered, "Take it down.
The Queen's flagpole at Buckingham Palace is being spruced up by Keith Lawler in time for her Golden Jubilee.
TALL ORDER: Keith Lawler at work on the 50ft flagpole at Buckingham Palace