flag down

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flag someone or something down

to signal or wave, indicating that someone should stop. Please go out and flag a taxi down. I'll be right out. She went to flag down a taxi.
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flag down somebody/something

also flag somebody/something down
to signal someone or something to stop by waving A police officer flagged us down to check our vehicle registration and date of inspection.
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flag down

Signal to stop, as in The police were flagging down all cars. This expression uses the verb flag in the sense of "catch the attention of, as by waving a flag," a usage dating from the mid-1800s; down was added in the first half of the 1900s.
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flag down

To signal something or someone to stop: I flagged down a taxi when it started raining. When we ran out of gas, we flagged the police officer down to ask for help.
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What has happened to the practice of taking the flag down at night and putting it back up in the morning?
Center fielder Sayoko Rutledge started the trend of outstanding defensive plays in the outfield when she ran seemingly forever to her right - and deep - to flag down a long fly ball off the bat of Sara Uroegindewey.
Steve took cover in the bushes as he tried to flag down a passing car miles from his Coventry home in the heart of the Cambridgeshire countryside.
Two uninjured passengers were able to flag down a passing motorist.
Travel agent Stephanie Hammill, 20, was heading home with fiance James Garland, 22, when they decided to flag down a cab because of the cold.
The injured couple managed to flag down a passing motorist who drove them to the local Vale of Leven hospital.
Her mother, Jane O'Sullivan, aged 30, from Markyate Hertfordshire, had already fled the car with her two-year-old son Charlie and was desperately trying to flag down passing cars on the southbound carriageway of the motorway near Corley Services.
After an ordeal which lasted more than an hour and a quarter the woman managed to flag down a car containing a couple who took her to University Hospital of North Tees for treatment.
The victim was able to quickly flag down a police officer and point out the van, he said.
He eventually fled the scene and Joanne was able to flag down a passing truck.
Family told that police didn't stop 'because local girls get very drunk and try to flag down police cars for a lift' says mum