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flack out

 and flake out
Sl. to collapse with exhaustion; to lie down because of exhaustion. All the hikers flacked out when they reached the campsite. After a few hours, the hikers all flaked out.
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flack (out)

in. to collapse in exhaustion; to go to sleep. Betsy flacked out at nine every night.
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and flack (flæk)
1. n. complaints; criticism; negative feedback. (Originally referred to antiaircraft guns and the explosions and damage they caused. The first form is an initialism from German Fliegerabwehrkanonen = flyer defense cannons. I.e., the initial fl plus the first a plus the k.) Why do I have to get all the flak for what you did?
2. n. publicity; hype. Who is going to believe this flack about being first-rate?
3. n. a public relations agent or officer. The flak made an announcement and then disappeared.


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Flacks said the deal secured at an interesting time.
In tracing these three factors, Rosenthal and Flacks convincingly contend that scholars would be wise to analyze the music-movement nexus using this theoretical triad given that they otherwise risk conceiving of culture too narrowly and categorizing its effects and processes into neat boxes in order to serve scholarly theories.
She does everything for us -- offense, defense, everything," Chargers coach Jason Rosenthal said of Flacks.
As much as they pushed me and threw me around, they helped me get better," said Flacks, who leads the Chargers in assists (69), steals (48) and drawn ejections (33) and is second in scoring with 68 goals.
The Girder and Panel building sets are powerful tools for teaching children the basic principles of designing structures, cantilevers and bridges, and fluid dynamics," says Paul Flack.
Sophomore Arianna Lambie was Stanford's top finisher in fourth in 20:44, followed by Teresa McWalters in 31st in 21:18 and Flacks.
Flacks, who has committed to UCLA, picked up his third ejection with about two minutes remaining in the game.
Dawn Flacks also coaches Harvard-Westlake's swim team.
The fastest girl Saturday was Harvard-Westlake of Studio City senior Lindsay Flacks, who followed a standout performance last weekend at the Stanford Invitational by winning the Div.
Moments earlier, Flacks made a similar statement through his play.
Lindsay Flacks won the 3,200, giving Harvard-Westlake of Studio City its first track title since 1919.
Flacks and Corona, however, were prominent in the 5,000 meters in the Mt.
Harvard-Westlake of Studio City senior Lindsay Flacks committed Wednesday to run cross country and track at Stanford, the defending NCAA women's cross country champions.
The most important event in Harvard-Westlake of Studio City senior Lindsay Flacks' season actually came at the end of last year, when Flacks and her father Scott sat down to make a decision.