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According to Claire Matthews, of Men's Health, the Survival of the Fittest aims to show the public that fitness can be fun.
That's what I'm judged on, but we are one of the fittest sides in the Premier League.
Only then will the winner be crowned Men's Health's fittest athlete.
The first Survival of the Fittest event took place last year in Nottingham.
With the backing of some of Minnesota's most notable corporate leaders along with the support of policymakers and the health community, Fittest State in the Nation will not only address these two major risk factors, but it will also significantly impact rising health care costs and elevate prevention as a priority for our state.
Paddy, who took the title of World's Fittest Athlete from Powell earlier this year, said: "Hopefully they will be there.
Superfit ex-marine Richard Hanson aims to make his name as the fittest man in Britain today.
Even the least educated person understands the survival of the fittest.
The Trivers-Willard hypothesis, named for the scientists who devised it in 1973, predicts that to maximize their chances for heirs, the flossiest, fittest females in some species give birth to more sons than daughters.
He was backed by Toon winger Damien Duff, who said: "I don't think we were the fittest before he came here.
What: LL Cool J signs copies of the book "LL Cool J's Platinum Body: Sculpt Your Best Body Ever with Hollywood's Fittest Star.
Richard Hunter, of Hargreaves Lansdown Stockbrokers, said: "It is very tough out there and it is a case of survival of the fittest.
Going right to the top, Tiger Woods is not only the most talented player - he is also one of the fittest and hasa regular work-out programme.
Progressive (NYSE: PGR) is a winner of the prestigious Darwin Fittest 50 Award(TM) from IDG's Darwin magazine.
GORDON STRACHAN claims his team are the fittest and strongest they've been since he took charge of the club.