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With a kind of a smile, Which, ne'er came from the lungs, but even thus-- For, look you, I may make the belly smile As well as speak--it tauntingly replied To th' discontented members, the mutinous parts That envied his receipt; even so most fitly As you malign our senators for that They are not such as you.
In other words, Houdon's apprenticeship was astonishingly short; he went from student to fitly formed artist in about seven years.
Certainly, a "Psycho" homage is unlikely to be fitly appreciated around the playground, any more than a glimpsed photo of Daffy with Richard Nixon and Bob Hope.
The completion of this work marked the opening of that portion of the province which has been fitly termed the "last west," and to which thousands of settlers are expected to find their way within the next few years.
But if anyone in these latter days of civilization can fitly be described as a "man of letters," and in two cultures, Seidensticker is one of the very few to qualify.
Rather, it is fitly accompanied by the virtues of temperance, such as gentleness, humility, and courtesy, and these are conspicuous and humanizing elements in Chaucer's portrait of the Knight in the General Prologue.
Contrast, in this regard, Harper's insistence throughout her career on the close connection between the arts (and the feelings they nurtured) and intellectual/rational development So, for example, as early as 1873 in "Fancy Etchings," Jenny tells her Aunt Jane that "poetry is one of the great agents of culture, civilization and refinement" and imagines showing "men and women to love noble deeds by setting them to the music, of fitly spoken words" (Brightly Coming Day 225).
Will the raw, naked passion, true as it is in expressing itself, appeal fitly to cultivated minds, preparing themselves by deliberation not less than by sympathy for just judgment and action?
Origen argued that the title of Divine Wisdom encapsulated all other titles for Jesus: "Whatever then we have said of the wisdom of God will also fitly apply to and be understood of him in his other titles as the Son of God, the life, the word, the truth, the way and the resurrection.
Horne explains in an 1844 chapter on Dickens, after speaking positively of Dickens's use of slang and colloquial dialects: "Sometime, however, certain of these licenses are not so fitly taken by the author, where they accidentally slip out of the dialogue into the narrative" (Collins 201).
Jonson writes 'that the "Elegance, and Propriety" of words are seen "when wee use them fitly, and draw them forth to their just strength and nature, by way of Translation, or Metaphore" (VIII,621).
A word fitly spoken" was how he initially described the plan that the founder of Tuskegee Institute had just outlined for black Americans.
With that stroke of a pen, this country took a significant step forward in eliminating the barriers that for far too long kept disabled Americans from fitly participating in the American dream.
But women's suffrage also didn't put an end to war, and it certainly didn't fitly achieve equality for the sexes.
True love was never more fitly sung" than in them, making them "the finest love poems in our language.