fit out

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fit someone or something out (with something)

to provide or furnish someone or something with something. They fit out the campers with everything they needed. They fit them out for only $140.
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fit someone or something out

(for something) to equip someone or something for something; to outfit someone or something for something. We are going to fit our boat out so we can live on it during a long cruise. We fit out the children in funny costumes for Halloween.
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fit out

Also, fit up. Equip or supply what is needed, as in They promised to fit out the expedition free of charge. This expression, dating from the late 1600s, originally was confined to furnishing a ship or other vessel with supplies, repairs, and the like. By the 1720s it was being used more broadly, as it still is.
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fit out

To dress or decorate something or someone: We'll fit you out with an excellent suit for the party. The tailor fit out the entire bridal party yesterday.
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Tom Gilmartin, business development manager at ALEC Fitout, says: "The preference for Cat A and Cat B fit outs varies per sector, typically relating to commercial office projects.
The study also identified the top projects in 2010 with considerable potential for interiors and fit outs contractors.
Contract notice: surrey county council and east sussex county council library fit outs framework.
RICS is already heavily engaged in many of the areas highlighted in the report and is taking the initiative on key issues such as establishing a method for measuring embodied carbon, investigating the use of Building Information Modelling, developing the Ska environmental assessment tool for sustainable building fit outs and working on the proposals for the Green Deal which is intended to revolutionise the energy efficiency of British properties.
They are able to offer brand new factory fit outs, upgrading of existing equipment, servicing and repair of SB products as well as an extensive range of spare parts in the UK.
Lesh brings more than 15 years of corporate real estate experience in managing corporate interiors, retail fit outs and mission critical data centers.
Summary: A burgeoning GCC real estate sector collectively valued at US$ one trillion inclusive of residential, retail, leisure and commercial sectors is driving the demand for fit outs in the region announced CMPi UAE, organizers of Fit-Out Middle East scheduled to take place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre on 17th and 18th November 2008.
Tenants are currently finishing fit outs for their sites in Walkergate and trading is expected to begin from the end of next month.
Poundworld and Farmfoods will be given the keys to their units on Friday, with plans to start their fit outs on June 26.
Walid Wakim, GM Partner of STYRO said: "The rise in construction, several exhibitions and events has paved way for increased opportunities for the interiors and fit outs market in the region.
The scheme is home to four very different types of fit outs within the two existing buildings.
With the last piece of its facade panel now in place, work will resume on extensive internal fit outs, followed by landscaping works around the building.
He described the Green Star programme as one in which retailers "have fit outs that will have a minimal impact on the environment".