fit around

fit around something

to wrap around something. This part fits around the top and keeps the water out. Will this wrench fit around the bolt?
See also: around, fit
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GEORGE Clooney has changed his schedule to fit around his wife Amal's work.
I remember The Bali-Hi suite at The Locarno where I had my eighteenth and of course childhood memories of Di Di's ice cream, Coventry Zoo and The Oasis outdoor swimming pool in Green Lane At least the War Memorial Park is not just a memory of playing on the swings and donkey rides as I run to keep fit around the park.
The label, which is shrunk around the package, is a great choice for contoured bottles as the label is able to fit around all of the curves without tearing.
The good news is that there are lots of ways you can earn extra cash to keep on top of the bills - and they fit around busy lives.
A lot of people try to follow their favourite celebrity's diet in the hopes of achieving the same results, but let's not forget these diets have been built to fit around a celebrity's lifestyle and schedule, do you have the same lifestyle as your favourite celebrity?
ZipJet will save Londoners precious time and fit around their daily schedules
The new city, is situated 10 kilometers southeast of Baghdad, covers 1,830 hectares of land and is being constrcuted to fit around 600,000 occupants in a total of 100,000 residential units.
Paula's own baby girl was born with hypoglycaemia, and when she quickly found that standard baby grows didn't fit around her daughter's bandages and tubes, she invented a special baby grow for babies and infants.
Event organiser Louise Dembach explains: "The interest for flexible working and supplementary income with the ability to fit around school hours is high.
They will offer five days of training over five weeks, with the timetable designed to fit around school hours.
The Origo, which comes in black or white for $25, had a better grip than the iGlaze Armor, but the fit around the phone was a little loose.
After having my first child I wanted a role that would be flexible and fit around the family.
I was sweating and puffing but it wouldn't fit around my big tummy.
Yellow shirt pounds 16: "Perfect fit around the waist but again the bust was very tight.
Some girls can fold into a ship fit around the fingers, pinched, or a