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Scientists believe the tendency to respond to fishy smells with suspicion is an evolved mechanism that helped humans survive for millennia.
Origins of the FishyFood Cars In 2011 " Popp y," aka Fishy Corn Ca r became a fabulously popular mascot of GMO labeling activism.
I LOVE silly stories about animals and this week fishy tales abound.
We went to the new Fishy Moores on the corner of City Arcade and it was just lovely to be able to go out together for once.
Maybe plenty, since it's coming from a cartoon character that's pink and purple (kind of fishy .
Results of this survey included a feature story in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL entitled, "There's Something Fishy in the Dishwasher," which was syndicated nationwide.
My family has enjoyed having lunch at Fishy Moores for 20 years - 18 months in the new location.
Kellen, 4, and Christian Roy, 3, of Agoura were captivated by the antics of Schmoo, a California sea lion that performed a series of tricks in exchange for squid, smelt and other fishy snacks.
You simply drop the empty bag in the trash to eliminate fishy odors or pans to scrub.
Michael List, who owns Fishy Moores, specially bought tables to put outside his city centre restaurant where people could smoke - but they can no longer be used by smokers.
The idea of the game, also out for the PlayStation 2 in November, is to make your fishy attraction as successful as you can by pulling in the visitors.
Something fishy happens when the pesticide DDT gets into eggs--it can transform genetically male fish into apparent females.
Fishboy's newest line for kids features Bobber Bob, Feelin' Fishy Wet and Squishy and good old Camp Ketchabigwun.
Yet thankfully not the slightest hint of a fishy smell.