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fishing expedition

An attempt to discover information without knowing what it may be. The term implies that the search does not have a specific subject but is rather performed in the hopes that some new information will be found that will be beneficial to the searcher. Primarily heard in US. The defense attorney objected to the vague line of questioning, accusing the prosecutor of engaging in a fishing expedition.
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fishing expedition

a search for information without knowledge of whether such information exists. (This involves asking questions with no preconceived notion of what the answers might reveal.) The lawyer was on a fishing expedition. There was no real wrong committed to justify a lawsuit. Your honor, the prosecutor is just on a clumsy fishing expedition. I move for dismissal. We are going to have to go on a fishing expedition to try to find the facts.
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a fishing expedition

  (mainly American)
an attempt to discover the facts about something by collecting a lot of information, often secretly The investigators' request for the company's accounts is simply a fishing expedition - they have no real evidence of wrongdoing.
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fishing expedition

An attempt to find useful information by asking questions at random. For example, The sales force was told to go on a fishing expedition to find out what they could about the company's competitors . This expression was taken up by lawyers to describe interrogating an adversary in hopes of finding relevant evidence and is now used more broadly still. [c. 1930]
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bottom fishing

n. seeking something at its lowest price; seeking something at a low cost and willing to accept inferior quality. I don’t think bottom fishing for stocks is always wise. There is always a good reason why the price is low.
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fishing expedition

n. an exploratory search for facts. (This involves asking questions with no preconceived notion of what the answers might reveal.) The lawyer was on a fishing expedition. There was no real wrong committed to justify a lawsuit.
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References in classic literature ?
You've got your big news to disturb the old man's fishing.
I didn't believe it myself, but it's quite clear that the old fellow is fixed on this fishing notion by now.
A length of his own infallible fishing line was twisted and tightened twice round his throat and then twice round the wooden prop behind him.
It is a wild letter, full of taunts; you can see it for yourselves; but it makes a particular point of poor Hook's habit of fishing from the island.
The murderer strangled him in his own house after dinner on the night before, carried his corpse, with all his fishing tackle, across the stream in the dead of night, tied him to the tree, and left him there under the stars.
Was this angel of patience and kindness still looking for a fishing place?
Yet residents stated that they had no intention of changing their fishing or consumption behavior for both cultural and economic reasons.
That was some 625 metric tons more cod than the 90 modern ships fishing the entire Scotian Shelf--a far larger area than the Beverly crews covered--landed in 1999.
Sadly, we cannot depend on legislation or the fishing industry to solve these problems.
District officials are asking the state to prohibit fishing on a new stretch of the river just north of the ladder, and plan to send a letter this week emphasizing that the millions of dollars they spent to build and maintain the ladder will be wasted without a ban on all fishing.
These indiscriminate fishing methods take a grisly toll.
To restore depleted stocks, the NMFS restricts the kind of fishing gear that can be used, imposes quotas on the number of fish that can be caught, and even closes fisheries during spawning seasons (when fish lay their eggs) to allow stocks to reproduce.
The fishing piers are like the ghettos of the bay," says community organizer Wendall Chin, as he looks out over the glittering expanse of water that stretches between San Francisco, Oakland, and Silicon Valley.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- The Department of Fish and Game is hanging out the "Gone Fishing" sign when it comes to checking anglers' fishing licenses this Saturday.
has his eyes set on the cover of Fish Taco Chronicles, the nine-year-old offbeat quarterly fishing magazine (fishtacochronicles.