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first thing (in the morning)

before anything else is done in the morning. Please call me first thing in the morning. I can't help you now. I'll do that first thing.
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(the) first thing (in the morning)

before doing anything else The first thing tomorrow, you'll have to cancel our reservations. White had a habit of playing his trumpet first thing in the morning, which really irritated his neighbors.
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first thing

Before anything else; without delay. For example, Tom was supposed to call him first thing in the morning. [Late 1500s] Also see under first and foremost; first off.
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first thing

Right away; before anything else: Do your assignments first thing in the morning.
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References in classic literature ?
I think," he said, "the first thing is to make quite sure about the inside of this place, as it was hardly physically possible for him to have got outside.
You see now what I mean about the ladder," went on the detective; "it's the only old piece of furniture here and the first thing that caught that cockney eye of mine.
Ned and Conseil seated themselves on an ottoman, and the first thing the Canadian asked was:
You will find as you grow older that the first thing needful to make the world a tolerable place to live in is to recognise the inevitable selfishness of humanity.
The first thing he would do would be to describe the voyage of the treasure-hunters.
Ah, well, we saved her, for it was n't too late, thank heaven, and the first thing she said was, 'Oh, why did you bring me back?
He alighted gaily on the open sward, between the Baby's Palace and the Serpentine, and the first thing he did was to lie on his back and kick.
It's the first thing I ever saw that couldn't be improved upon by imagination.
The first thing I can recollect, an old woman had me in a basket at Broadway and Twenty-third trying to sell me to a fat lady.
One of the first things Peter did next day was to measure Wendy and John and Michael for hollow trees.
Tulliver, beseechingly, "and the sugar-tongs the first things ever I bought.
I never asked anybody to buy the things in for me and my children; though there's the linen I spun, and I thought when Tom was born,--I thought one o' the first things when he was lying i' the cradle, as all the things I'd bought wi' my own money, and been so careful of, 'ud go to him.
I was then conducted down stairs into the wet, slippery court, and the first things that attracted my attention were my heels.
The first things I had been able to get for myself had been cigarette pictures, cigarette posters, and cigarette albums.
If I had a dollar for every time I've heard a reporter on the tube ask someone what was the first thing that came into his or her head when thus-and-so happened, I'd be richer than Bill and Melinda Gates combined.
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