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The objective measurements of skin firmness were made with the help of a new device, the Reviscometer.
Each panelist rated the apples for appearance, flavor, sweetness, tartness, and firmness using a ten point scale, where 1 = dislike extremely (very low), 5 = neither like or dislike (moderate), and 10 = like extremely (very high).
This is the first time it's been tried for remote "tasting" of fruit for sweetness and firmness.
Select Comfort will also continue to promote its Sleep Number concept, in which a consumer can set his bed firmness with a specific number between zero and 100.
Murad's BodyCare line includes the Firm & Tone Serum, clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of cellulite by up to 69%, featuring Horse Chestnut Tree Extract which stimulates blood flow to restore skin firmness and smoothness, Cats Claw to reduce the appearance of dimpled skin associated with cellulite, and Cayenne Pepper to invigorate circulation within the skin.
Since firmness is a parameter used as indicator of fruit maturation, this study aimed to evaluate the relationship between the biological activity measured by the optical technique of biospeckle laser and pulp firmness of Acrocomia aculeata fruits along the maturation weeks and during the senescence period after harvest.
Prior to the harvest, the monitoring of flesh firmness was performed for about a month by sampling 20 pears randomly collected each week in the orchard.
A trained sensory panel was able to detect a significant decrease in crumb firmness and stale flavor in breads containing 1% and 3% flaxseed fiber, compared with bread containing no flaxseed fiber.
By contrast optimum level of calcium in apple fruit maintain fruit firmness and reduces the incidence of physiological disorders such as water core, bitter pit and internal breakdown and postharvest decay (Conway et al.
Each features Alasta, the company's patent-pending anti-aging active that helps to improve skin's elasticity and firmness through its ability to boost the body's overall immune system.
4 : showing firmness and seriousness <grim determination>
dollar remained in the lower 120 yen level Monday in Tokyo with some investors resuming yen-funded carry trades in view of firmness in stocks worldwide.
Sinclair has launched a compact bench top version of its successful on-line fruit firmness testing system.
Sinclair IQ had conducted the tests on its SIQ-FF machine, a high speed machine that is designed to measure the firmness of individual fruit.