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stand firm

To remain determined, stalwart, and unyielding, as in one's position or opinion. Though it may be hard, we must stand firm in our pledge to environmental reform.
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hold firm

1. To remain securely adhered (to something). I didn't think the makeshift weld would do the trick, but I'm happy to say that it's holding firm.
2. To remain determined, stalwart, and unyielding, as in one's position or opinion. Though it may be hard, we must hold firm in our pledge to environmental reform.
See also: firm, hold

firm hand on the tiller

Full control over a situation. I felt comfortable knowing that even during this difficult time, he had a firm hand on the tiller.
See also: firm, hand, on, tiller

*firm hand

Fig. [someone's] strong sense of management; a high degree of discipline and direction. (*Typically: exercise ~; have ~; need ~; take ~; use~.) I had to use a firm hand with Perry when he was a child. He had a problem with discipline.
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firm something up

1. Lit. to make something more stable or firm. We need to firm this table up. It is very wobbly. You need to use a whisk to firm up the egg whites.
2. Fig. to make a monetary offer for something more appealing and attractive and therefore more "solid" and likely to be accepted. You will have to firm the offer up with cash today, if you really want the house. Please firm up this offer if you still want the house.
See also: firm, up

firm up

1. Lit. to develop better muscle tone; to become less flabby. I need to do some exercises so I can firm up. You really ought to firm up.
2. Fig. to become more stable or viable; to recover from or stop a decline. The economy will probably firm up soon. I hope that cattle prices firm up next spring.
See also: firm, up

keep a firm grip on someone or something

 and keep a tight grip on someone or something 
1. Lit. to hold on to someone or something tightly. As they approached the edge, Sally kept a firm grip on little Timmy. She kept a tight grip on him. Keep a firm grip on my hand as we cross the street.
2. Fig. to keep someone or something under firm control. The manager keeps a firm grip on all the employees. I try to keep a firm grip on all the accounts.
See also: firm, grip, keep, on

take a firm grip on someone or something

1. Lit. to grasp someone or something tightly. The police officer took a firm grip on Fred and led him to the squad car. Mary took a firm grip on the handle and pulled hard.
2. Fig. to gain control of someone or something. You will have to take a firm grip on Andrew. He has a mind of his own. Someone needs to take a firm grip on this department and get it organized.
See also: firm, grip, on, take

a firm/steady hand on the tiller

if someone has a firm hand on the tiller, they have a lot of control over a situation
Usage notes: A tiller is a long handle which is used to control the direction a boat travels.
What people want is a president with a firm hand on the tiller.
See also: firm, hand, on, tiller

firm up

1. To become firm or firmer: My vacation plans firmed up, so I bought airline tickets.
2. To cause something, such as a shape or a plan, to become definite or firm: I want to firm up our vacation plans before I call the travel agent. Let's firm our route up and get on the road.
See also: firm, up
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82 per cent firmer due to a stronger Wall Street and a more positive outlook for the US economy, dealers said.
80 per cent firmer on the belief that a US victory in the war against Iraq would occur sooner rather than later, dealers said.
13 per cent stronger, with losses in insurance stocks with exposure to the bushfires in Canberra detracting from firmer stocks in other sectors, brokers said.
03 million last year, said the deal will recapitalize it and put it on firmer financial ground.
Reflecting stringent budget control and a firmer economy, Detroit's general fund balance grew from a deficit position of $17.
Most of the way through ``The Partner'' Grisham keeps a firmer hand on the proceedings than he sometimes has in the past; sheer narrative momentum hurries him over the potholes in his plot.
The key ingredient in Kinerase is Kinetin, a nature-identical plant growth factor that allows the skin to retain more moisture, making the skin feel firmer and healthier, improving the skin's overall appearance.
The shares closed the first trading session of the week 29p firmer at 4671p.
72% firmer as investors took heart from lower oil prices, dealers said.
In fact, this process holds out the prospect for pies with fruit fillings even firmer than those Grandma baked from scratch.
Summary: The dollar was holding a firmer tone in Asia, though gains were very moderate, with the overhang of the DJIA pullback on Monday and some underlying weakness.
The share price closed a little over 1% firmer at 404.
While Disney seeks even firmer footing on the feature film front, the company is soaring on the wings of a resurgent ABC broadcast network that has gone from a miserable fourth-place to a strong second in the prime-time ratings.
The Hong Kong Stock Exchange ended firmer in today's trade on a stronger real estate sector, dealers said.