fire on

fire (up)on someone or something

to shoot at someone or something with a weapon; to shoot in the direction of someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The troops fired upon the advancing army. The cops fired on Max.
See also: fire, on
References in classic literature ?
Two had bit the dust, one had fled, four had made good their footing inside our defences, while from the shelter of the woods seven or eight men, each evidently supplied with several muskets, kept up a hot though useless fire on the log-house.
So she made a fire on her hearth, and that it might burn the quicker, she lighted it with a handful of straw.
Though the artillery of the left wing of the Russians kept up a steady fire on this mass,--visible like a stain now black, now flaming, in the midst of the trackless snow,--this shot and shell seemed to the torpid creatures only one inconvenience the more.