fire off

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fire something off (to someone)

Fig. to send something to someone immediately, by a very rapid means. Fire a letter off to Fred, ordering him to return home at once. I fired off a letter to Fred as you asked. I finished the e-mail and fired it off.
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fire off something

also fire something off
to write and send something quickly He fired off an e-mail to his publisher.
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fire off

Say or write and send away rapidly, as in He fired off three more questions, or She fired off a letter of complaint to the president. This expression originally (from about 1700) was, and still is, used in the sense of "discharge a weapon or ammunition," as in The police were instructed to fire off canisters of tear gas. The figurative use dates from the late 1800s.
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fire off

1. To say or ask something rapidly, especially a question or command: The prosecutor fired questions off to the witness. My parents fired off reasons why my plan wouldn't work.
2. To write and send a communication quickly: I fired off a positive reply to the job offer. My friend fired an angry letter off to the editor.
3. To shoot something from a weapon, especially in quick succession: The police officer fired off warning shots when the suspect approached them. At the parade, the color guard fired three shots off.
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According to satellite imagery, four or five more transporter-erector-launchers (TEL) were recently spotted in South Hamkyung Province, sparking speculation that the North may fire off missiles from several places, said Yonhap.
6) Union soldiers fire off their guns while one member of the company falls to the ground after being wounded.
They also get a feedback section to fire off agreements and disagreements with the pros, a section on useful business and leadership books and even a page where job seekers tell their most humorous interview misadventures.
The actors get into position, fire off the quickest of glances to the audience before the lights black out.
to dial entries with the touch of a button or fire off an email; -- Access to task and appointment information that is always current; -- Ability to create and modify tasks and appointments from their
With the entire Utah Jazz dance team watching, Bryant proceeded to fire off 10 attempts, but only caught the rim a few times.
We don't ask where people come from, but if they mention they are from out of town, we invite them to come back and fire off the fireworks here in Fillmore, where they are allowed,'' said John Schaper, a parent volunteer working at the Fillmore Band and Drill Team Boosters booth near the center of town.
So he and his color guard buddies - vets like John Graves and Bill Herrera, all pushing 80 now - would stand at attention and fire off a 21-gun salute at a grave site.
A great Brit: Chris Sanders, a freshman forward from West Midlands, England, continues to provide some fire off the bench as a hard-working rebounder with some offensive skills.
We can't wait to fire off all these new tunes for our Southern California homies,'' Gaugh said.
Fire off a missive pointing out the problems rich candidates have in winning statewide office, such as that being promoted for Republican William Simon Jr.
If you tripped or walked across it and hit it, then the mechanism would fire off a round.