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The Civil Defence is required to undertake these fire drills in various establishments like schools, hospitals, warehouses etc.
Each civil defence station carries out two fire drills a month in the areas of their jurisdiction.
Lalitha Suresh, the school's headmistress and also the chief rescue officer for the fire drill, said that the safety of the children was of prime importance.
ING Bank Romania has said that a failed fire drill led to a tech glitch.
Construction and delivery of a fire drill container based on a Abrollbehlters for simulating small fires in the training and the handling of small portable extinguishers (fire extinguishers) .
THE head teacher of a Birmingham school has defended a decision to stage a fire drill - slap in the middle of an A-level exam.
Franklin Perkins school on Friday said while a fire drill held during subfreezing temperatures on Tuesday might have been postponed to a warmer day, with special education students it is a good idea to do more rather than less when it comes to fire and emergency drills.
com)-- InterContinental Asiana Saigon - honoured by the prestigious World Travel Awards as Vietnam's Leading Conference Hotel 2013 and Vietnam's Leading Business Hotel 2013 for the second consecutive year and Vietnam's Leading Hotel 2013 for the fourth consecutive year - organised a fire drill involving all hotel associates.
MMG's role will also cover three main aspects: energy management, in particular investigating potential energy savings; indoor air quality where MMG will measure the quality of air inside the centre to ensure it is within the acceptable limits; and the fire drill, as MMG will prepare for the annual fire drill exercise in coordination with Civil Defence.
Summary: Muscat: The Suhail Bahwan Group yesterday conducted a full-scale fire drill and evacuation exercise in .
Civil defence personnel conducting a fire drill in Dubai.
The Civil Defence department carried out a mock fire drill at the Hyatt Plaza yesterday.
South Korea will hold its largest-ever live fire drill near the military border with North Korea in a show of force just as tension on the peninsula was easing after Pyongyang's attack on a southern island.
SPRINGFIELD - Springfield High School students already had filed out of campus buildings Wednesday morning as part of a routine fire drill when a school employee discovered a small fire burning in a boys' bathroom.
3, but at least he revealed the reason England were turfed out on to the street, in bare feet and falling rain, during Friday's fateful fire drill.