finishing touch

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finishing touch

The last detail added or change made to something to make it complete. Let's not spend too much longer on this. Let's just put the finishing touch on it and get it ready for production. He's been putting the finishing touches on that painting for so long now, I'm starting to think he'll never be satisfied with it.
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finishing touch(es)

a final adjustment of something; some effort or action that completes something. Norm is in his workshop putting the finishing touches on his latest project.
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finishing touch

A small change or addition that serves to complete something. For example, The room still needed a few finishing touches, such as a flower arrangement. This expression is sometimes put as a finishing stroke. [c. 1700]
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the finishing ˈtouch(es)

the final details that make something complete: We’ve been putting the finishing touches to the party decorations.
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Norris of Houston also features The Finishing Touch, a boutique for jewelry and accessories.
thanks to the popularity of such products as the Finishing Touch.
They'll act as shutters, and at 102 inches tall, they will be a finishing touch that everyone is bound to notice.
For the upcoming Holiday season The Finishing Touch offers accessories as perfect gift for Christmas.
IdeaVillage contends that Finishing Touch has created a new category--for instant and painless spot hair removal--and the company notes that women are using the product to remove hair from toes and ankles, as well as from eyebrows and upper lips.
Hardwood Council members witnessed the first demonstration of The Finishing Touch CD-ROM specifying tool at the Council's annual meeting, held in Washington, D.
In the second half, Cleveland attacked North Ormesby but couldn't find the finishing touch and also came up against a strong Doggy defence.
A colorful abstract art program, featuring the work of contemporary New Jersey artists, adds the appropriate finishing touch to the design concept.
The finishing touch came with the specification of a semi metallic mid grey paint finish, covering sheet steel doors.